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  1. Rutjes

    Harmonic balancer and waterpump

    My friend's M1008 started to have a loud rattle. We pinpointed it to be coming from the harmonic balancer. It looked ok, but we decided to remove it and try the one from my old 6.2 (just to be able to run the truck until all parts for the serpentine swap are complete). Upon removing we noticed...
  2. Rutjes

    Oil idiot light pressure

    Hey guys, Does anyone know at what pressure the idiot light goes on? I'm preparing to add gauges to my friends M1008 including an oil pressure gauge. After a bit of Googling, I found that most use a T to keep the idiot light switch and add a sender, but VDO offers senders that also send a...
  3. Rutjes

    Injection pump question

    Hey guys, I never looked before and assumed the 6.5 I bought had a DB4 on it. I went looking for the part number hoping I could trade it in for a DB2 set up for a 6.5. Turns out it is a DB2, a DB2831-4911 to be exact. Now the problem is, is that it has a Woodward Dyna 70025 Rotary Actuator on...
  4. Rutjes

    Is this 6.5 worth my time and money?

    I ran across this 6.5 for sale: Casting number 12555506. From what I can find this means '97 or newer with updated main-bearing bolts to prevent a (common) cracking issue. Other then that, all I know at the moment is that it is in some kind of machinery equipment. Is this a worthy upgrade...
  5. Rutjes

    M1009 to use for parts?

    I just found what seems to be an M1009 online that I'm interested in for parts to fix up my M1028. I can re-use the doors, mirrors, fenders, windshield, dash/door panels, tank (doing a Blazer swap has been on my mind for a while). I'll have a spare engine, transmission and transfer case (having...
  6. Rutjes

    Couple of questions

    Hey guys, I was under my truck to take the starter out after breaking a bolt. I got new bolts and a bracket, but it seems that the threaded stud on the engine block for attaching the bracket is broken. Can this stud be replaced? On the flexplate inspection cover are 2 threaded holes, what are...
  7. Rutjes

    How to remove the instrument cluster?

    As the title says, how do I remove the instrument cluster? It's in there pretty tight? I can wiggle it around, but I don't see a way to pull it out!
  8. Rutjes

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Hey guys (and gals?)! I'm Clint, from the Netherlands. I've been reading on these forums a lot since I've decided I wanted a Chevrolet K30. I've always wanted a truck. One that can tow a trailer and that I can put my and my friends' dirtbikes in. I have since bought one, a 1984 M1028. It has a...
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