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  1. HanksDeuce

    2 close calls within 1 mile today (video)

    Drove my bobbed deuce for the first time in a few months today. First, I ate lunch with my wife and a friend. Then I drove to my mom's house for a 40 mile cruise to clear out the cobwebs. 2 Close calls within a mile on the same road: #1 SUV tried to back up while I approached him in the...
  2. HanksDeuce

    Christmas with the In-laws: Prairieville, LA to Pollock, LA (12/23/16)

    I'm headed out in my bobbed deuce to visit the In-laws for the day in Pollock, LA. 300 miles round trip. Top speed 56 mph. Route: Hwy 73 in Prairieville to I-10 in Baton Rouge. I-10 to Hwy 415 in Port Allen. Hwy 415 to Hwy 190 in Port Allen. Hwy 190 to I-49 in Opelousas. I-49 to Hwy 167 in...
  3. HanksDeuce

    HanksDeuce - Installing an Ouverson Locker in your Rockwell Axle

    I have a build thread with all of my modifications in it, but this breakout thread will be for those that don't normally read my build thread. It will help anyone trying to search for the necessary reading material so that they too can install an Ouverson Locker in any of their Rockwell axles...
  4. HanksDeuce

    Took my Bobbed Deuce down the 1/4 mile track today... (timeslips inside)

    So I finally took my bobbed deuce drag racing today. The event was an annual diesel truck show at State Capitol Raceway in Port Allen, LA. Using past experience from racing days gone by I made sure to have the least amount of fuel possible (1/4 to 1/2 tank). And I stopped off at the bathroom...
  5. HanksDeuce

    2015 Walker, LA - Veterans Day Parade

    2015 Walker, LA - Veterans Day Parade (CANCELLED) Now that my bobbed deuce is done I'm looking to start the parade circuit. A few years ago I attended this parade and I rode with JuanPrado. I had a blast! The city of Walker's website says the parade starts at 1pm on 11/07/15. Would any other...
  6. HanksDeuce

    Youtube Video Series - How to bob a M931A2 (or not!)

    I'm not sure if Marcus is on this forum or not, but below are links to a series of Youtube videos on bobbing a M931A2. I am not affiliated with anybody shown in the videos. I simply found these videos on Youtube and thought it would be entertaining and possibly educational for a select few...
  7. HanksDeuce

    Recovering a stuck 5 ton Dump Truck

    Came across this YouTube video a few minutes ago. Looks like it was posted in February 2015. I did a quick search and didn't come up with anything. Shouldn't be a repost...
  8. HanksDeuce

    M35A2 driveline angles - need angle measurements from engine to xfer case

    It seems that I enjoyed taking the factory multi-fuel engine and Spicer 3053A transmission out of the deuce, but I forgot to take a few key measurements before I started the job. I am looking to see if someone could help me determine the following measurements on a factory deuce: 1) park...
  9. HanksDeuce

    Going to put my Bobbed Deuce on a Dynojet. Any guesses on the RWHP/RWTQ?

    My buddy owns a business where he makes GM vehicles faster (Camaros/Corvettes/Diesel Trucks). He has an in-ground Dynojet chassis dynamometer. Looking at the dynojet website it lists the maximum axle weight at 3000 lbs. Right now I have the M105A2 bed off my deuce in preparation for painting...
  10. HanksDeuce

    Turning Fuel Up on a "G Code" Injection Pump - Video

    I put together a video on turning the fuel up on a M35A2 equipped with a "G Code" injection pump. This type of pump doesn't have a FDC (fuel density compensator) that is adjusted on the outside. Instead, a cover is removed over the governor and 2 nuts are adjusted between a bridge plate that...
  11. HanksDeuce

    LA - Will pay $$$ to get M35A2 bobber axles rebuilt (bearings, boots, etc)

    I do not have the time nor the expertise to rebuild my 1970 M35A2 axles on my bobbed deuce. The front boots are torn, and I want to replace the bearings, seals, brake cylinders, etc. I am located in Prairieville, LA (just outside Baton Rouge). I have cash in hand. Let me know your...
  12. HanksDeuce

    Trailer TM for M149 Water Buffalo

    Attached is the TM for the water buffalo, TM 9-2330-267-14P. It covers M149, A1 & A2.
  13. HanksDeuce

    HanksDeuce: 8" Lift, Bobbed, External Cage, A/C and more Project!

    After much thought, consideration and hard-earned money spent gathering parts I decided to start on my deuce project today. Many thanks to TimnTrucks and littlebob for helping me in this endeavor by providing lifting services by Tim's wrecker and elbow grease by both. I'm sure a few more...
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