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    223 german armored car

    hey everyone im a ww2 reenactor and we are building a 223 german ww2 armored car but were having a hard time finding blueprints and measurements....its going to be built on a 4x4 truck chassis with chevy v8....but we need the body measurements and blueprints????????? help??????????
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    My new toy tiger tank!!!!!!

    MY NEW TIGER TANK!!!!!! well here it is my new toy....well my buddies but he lets us play with about always having a place to park show up with this and youll never have that problem again..the gas mileage leaves a little to be desired but hey its a tiger tank people...the neighbors...
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    my new 84 chevy m1008

    well here it is my new m1008..i drove these in the army and we did alot of stuff with them you wernt supposed just cant kill these trucks....i got it a week ago for 2400 dollars...i replaced the dash pad rearview mirror back tail lights and front marker lights it was on a farm and...
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