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  1. USMC 00-08

    G749 Airpak power piston conversion

    I have been thinking about machining some power pistons for the G749 airpak that are the same size as the 5 ton power pistons so that we can use the 5 ton airpak rebuild kit. Is there any interest from any of you in having one of these? The 5 ton power piston appears to me that it is made out...
  2. USMC 00-08

    1952 M135 W/O Winch (USMC 00-08s other truck)

    I suppose it is time for my other M135 to have its own thread. I have owned this truck (#4984) since early 2006, but have never done much with it. In April 2016, OkieM1008morrison and I hauled it 375 miles back to where I live now. Here is the truck. The truck went from the Army to the Kansas...
  3. USMC 00-08

    M211/M135 with 350 V8 and 4 speed manual transmission

    Just the other day I heard about a G749 for sale that had been repowered with a 350 V8 that still has 6 wheel drive. I was naturally curious and went to look today. The frame on the truck says M211 but the data plate says 1952 M135. I'll post up some pictures for those of us curious about the...
  4. USMC 00-08

    New Wheel Cylinder Issues

    About 3 months ago, I purchased 12 brand new wheel cylinders for my M135 from a reputable military parts dealer online. The wheel cylinders looked great and are very close to the originals that were on the truck. All 12 wheel cylinders were installed and the truck has had less than 100 miles on...
  5. USMC 00-08

    Window, Door, Windshield weatherstrip, etc

    Post up what weatherstrip you have found that is or could be a replacement for what was on the G749s. Seems like we may have found some and it is listed in another thread. I thought I would try to get it in a central location for ease of locating later on. Door window run channel...
  6. USMC 00-08

    Hardtop Insulation

    As most of you know, I purchased a military hardtop for my M135 the other day. It is in really nice shape, but the insulation will need to be replaced due to age. The insulation in it is dry and brittle. It is black and appears to be made of the same foam material that the military sleeping...
  7. USMC 00-08

    Cab ID

    I saw this truck locally. Anyone know what kind of cab this is?
  8. USMC 00-08

    Gama Goat Seat?

    Does anyone know if this is a seat for a Gama Goat? It was sitting on the back of an M818 my brother bought. I have never seen a Gama Goat in person and was trying to look at pictures of them online to figure it out, but I just can't tell. It does appear to be a military seat of some sort. Any...
  9. USMC 00-08

    G749 Parts List

    Here is the link to the parts list that several of us have been working on for the G749 series. We will continue to update it as new part numbers are discovered. Please let me know of any additional part numbers you might come across and I will add those to the list for everyone to use as...
  10. USMC 00-08

    G749 VIN & Military Registration Database

    Here are the trucks I have. 1952 M135 W/W #5314 - Reg. #4G3868 1952 M135 W/O #4984 1951 M135 W/O #3194 1951 M135 W/O #556 - Reg. #41121215 I'll add registration numbers on the missing two as I find them if they are still under the civilian and forestry service paint jobs. What G749s...
  11. USMC 00-08

    G749 Gauge Replacement

    My M135 has civilian temperature and oil pressure gauges and I would like to convert them back to military. With the old military gauges being quite high in price, will the gauges and sending units from more modern military trucks such as the M35/M800/M900 series work? I know that the newer...
  12. USMC 00-08

    1952 M135 W/Winch

    Here is the new truck I just bought. It runs and drives great. All gears in all ranges work. Brakes are weak but stop the truck at least. I found it on CL in another state. I drove it the 170+ mile trip home with no problems. Prior to driving it, everything was checked and lubricated per the...
  13. USMC 00-08

    Is this 23070?

    I recently purchased this gas can for my 1952 GMC M135. Is this semi-gloss paint 23070? I have looked at Rapco's paint samples and this looks close but different. Any thoughts to what color it is? The first picture is with a sample of 24087.
  14. USMC 00-08

    366 with Allison in G749?

    Has anyone put a 366 with an Allison transmission in a G749 series vehicle? If so could you post pics and tell me what modifications are required, how you like it, etc.? I have searched this forum for the answer but nothing with the detailed info I need were found. The reason I am asking is...
  15. USMC 00-08

    M38 question

    A friend of my dads is talking about getting rid of 4 M38's that he has had sitting around for a LONG time. He hasn't said what he might want to ask for them. I stopped by and took some pictures of them and wanted to know if anyone could tell me if these are worth messing with and what a...
  16. USMC 00-08

    M135 Tailgate

    Does anyone know who sells M135 tailgates or is there another tailgate that will work? I can't seem to find one anywhere.
  17. USMC 00-08

    Your thoughts on this M211 please?

    I recently stumbled on this M211 and the owner said that he would sell it for $500 without the water tank that is on it. ( I don't want that anyway.) It also has a title. He is only wanting to sell it because I have expressed an interest in it. The truck was made in 1954. I already have an...
  18. USMC 00-08

    What to offer on M37?

    I ran across this M37 today and the gentleman who owns it wants to sell it but doesn't know what to ask. He said to make an offer but I don't know what to offer. I don't know anything about these and I would like to offer a fair price for it. I snapped a few pics and thought I would ask what you...
  19. USMC 00-08

    G506 truck located

    I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I don't know what this truck is really called. In my searches on the internet, I can only see that it is possibly a G506. It looks to me like a CCKW but 4X4 instead of 6X6. I do not have any pictures of it because I just found it parked in...
  20. USMC 00-08

    NAPA parts list for M 135?

    I have an M 135 and can not seem to find too many parts for it online. Does anyone have a parts list with part #'s that they have put together that lists the parts that you can get from NAPA or any other parts store?
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