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  1. M35A2-AZ

    AZ Wrecker Flood lights NOS

    Wrecker flood lights NOS for M816 and M936. Other uses also. $75ea Plus shipping. PM if you are interested, PayPal ok.
  2. M35A2-AZ

    MEP-803A Fuel Leak

    I have a MEP-803A that I ran a little today and I noticed two fuel leaks. The bigger line is leaking right at the injector. Does anyone have a place to get the small (1/8") fuel line I have showed in the photo.?
  3. M35A2-AZ

    M925 and Broke Water pump Belt

    I was at benefit display and was on my way home Saturday when the cooling fan came on, I had just looked at the temp. gauge and it was OK. But I looked after the fan came on and it was higher, looked again and it was higher. Time to pull over and check things. As it turned out I had lost the...
  4. M35A2-AZ

    M925 Front Axle inter seal problem

    I have replaced the inter seal on my M925 front right three times now. The seals are getting damaged on the top as they sit in the housing. It looks like the axle shift is hitting the seal at the top and damaging the seal. I have replaced the spindle bushing and the axle has no free play when...
  5. M35A2-AZ

    M37 made it to it's new home

    I picked up a 1952 M37 and made it home with it. Now the work begins. First thing is to get her running.
  6. M35A2-AZ

    Eyecon Light Set installed on LWS Gun Ring

    I finished up the install of the Eyecon light system on my M925 today.
  7. M35A2-AZ

    LWS repair and install on M925

    I have been looking for a LWS gun ring in my price range for a long time and I finally came a cross one thanks to Castle Bravo. Got it all cleaned up, repaired, painted and installed on the truck.
  8. M35A2-AZ

    M939 Rear Transmission seal leaking

    I have a M939 truck that the rear of the transmission is leaking oil. I found the seal P/N, but can not find any threads that are talking about replacing it. Has anyone replace one and how bad or hard is it to do?
  9. M35A2-AZ

    Transmission Problem in M925

    I took my M925 out for a drive to post office. About 2.5 miles from the house I noticed that the transmission was trying to shift from 3 to 4th then back again, But as it turns out it was just slipping. I slowed from about 20mph to about 5 mph then stopped. Put it back in gear (5-1) and it did...
  10. M35A2-AZ

    Installing a New Spindle Bushing

    Anyone have a good trick on installing a new Spindle Bushing in a M925? I have removed the old one and need to install the new one without damaging it.
  11. M35A2-AZ

    Behr paint color code for the inside of a S280 Shelter

    Anyone have a Behr paint color code for the light green inside of a S280 Shelter?
  12. M35A2-AZ

    Oil seal mod. for 3053 input shaft

    Nice job, I was just thinking about an oil seal. Have you used the one you did? Has it worked for you? Did you make a new one or mod. the old one?
  13. M35A2-AZ

    Questions on Removing Transmission

    I am about to remove my transmission on my M35A2 and I have some questions for you guys. I looked at the TM and it tells you to remove them, but can you just do it with out removing them all the way? 1. Do you have to remove the PTO to get the clearance you need to move the transmission back...
  14. M35A2-AZ

    Completed M332 Restore/Rebuild

    I had been working on the trailer off and on for some months but, I got it finished up and ready for our show that was last weekend. I towed it with my M35A2 that I finished restoring last year.
  15. M35A2-AZ

    Air Compressor Question

    What is the pressure that the air compressor should turn back on? The problem I am having is that the Air Dryer is popping off a lot. The truck builds pressure ok and the Air Dryer popes off the at round 120psi and it looks like the compressor comes back on at about 110psi and builds back to...
  16. M35A2-AZ

    Need S-280 Shelter 3 color camo pattern layout

    Does anyone have a TM or TB that show the S-280 3 color camo layout? I have looked and looked. I found some for the trucks and trailers but not one for the S-280 shelter.
  17. M35A2-AZ

    Shifting a M939 Transfer case by hand

    I picked up a take out M939 Transfer case and I am checking it out to make sure it all works, but I can not shift it in to neutral or low. It is in high and it turns fine. I guess my question is can you shift one by hand?
  18. M35A2-AZ

    Hyd Valves on a M930, How they work with the front winch

    I have a M929 and I plan to put a front winch on it. But I do have a question about how the Hyd valves are setup on the M930. Does anyone have a M930, A0, A1, A2 that you could take some pics of the Hyd. valves under the truck? I do not have a good understand how they run the dump and the front...
  19. M35A2-AZ

    Fuel leak on the return line, M929

    My wife and I were headed to a Parade in Mesa, AZ this weekend. On the way to the Parade I started to run out of fuel in one tank so I switched to the right side tank. We had to stop at a car wash to wash the dust off from our dirt road and I noticed fuel all down the side of the fuel tank and...
  20. M35A2-AZ

    Injection Pump rebuild, looking for a place

    I need to have a injection pump rebuilt. There was a post of a place that was doing them for a fair price, but I can not find the post that had it listed. I am thinking it was in Louisiana but not sure.
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