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  1. quarkz

    SEORTM Tires

    So this is for the small handful of SEORTM owners out there in Steel Soldiers land. And maybe some of the Exspansible Van folks. Borrowed from Olive-Drab Borrowed from some Russian Minecraft gaming site. 1.) What size tires & type are you running currently? 2.) What have you seen others use...
  2. quarkz

    Kia Military Vehicles

    I was searching to for the stock wheel size on the 5 ton SEORTM and a video for KIA Military Vehicles popped up in the search. Even though it was from 2010, there were some pretty unique designs presented. Maybe a new source for parts. Just wander into you local KIA dealership and get parts for...
  3. quarkz

    M561/M792 Gama Goat Parts thread

    I hope this can become 'just' a M561/M792 Gama Goat Parts thread. No conversations, jokes or polls. Since there are 5 or 6 projects currently in the process of getting Goats up and running, plus the handful of Goat owners with historic info from when they were completing their restorations...
  4. quarkz

    S250 shelter vents

    I did a couple of searches with no luck. Does anyone have a lead on the exhaust vents for an S250/g communications shelter? I would prefer not to use dryer vents in my repair. Thanx Tony
  5. quarkz

    Gama gama hey!

    Since it is becoming all the rage, all the cool kids are doing it, and since the gama goat website doesn’t look like it will be revived any time some, let me post up my gama goat recovery. I too have been enamored by the ugly mug of the gama goat, a mug that only certain ‘muthas’ could love...
  6. quarkz

    Local boy gearing up to swim DUKW to Portland MVPA

    I thought that all of you DUKW enthusiasts would enjoy watching this video the local news station recorded about John Ingleke, who is planning on swimming his DUKW down the Columbia river to the national MVPA rally in Portland this year. In the most recent MVPA magazine, Steve Preston, mentions...
  7. quarkz

    Benton City Daze, Benton City WA

    This past weekend I brought my M923 to participate in the Benton City Daze Parade. Then, for after the parade, a member of the group convinced the city to let us set our own little MV car show / static display in the local Park & Ride parking lot. This same batch has been doing parades & car...
  8. quarkz

    Has anyone hauled a M109 box on a car hauler trailer?

    I am getting ready to recover a M109 box from a deuce and a half. I was going to pull the bed off of a deuce and then drive it 4 hours to the pickup location, load it on the deuce and the drive it 4 hours back. Instead I am now considering using my 10K lb car hauler trailer and my pick-up truck...
  9. quarkz

    Did this steel soldier get saved or go to the SCRAPPER!

    This box was on GSA near Burns Oregon. I wanted it to replace parts on my SEORTL. Bur someone wanted it way more than I did. If you got it and want to part it let me know, my box was cannibalized by the RFD that turned it into a command center.
  10. quarkz

    M923 air brake work arounds....

    Woo Hoo! My M923 was picked up by the hauler today and will be delivered tomorrow. Bad news was the driver says he wasn't able to build enough pressure to release the air brakes. So the drivers says they lifted the rear of the truck with a forklift and steered the M923 up onto the step-deck...
  11. quarkz

    Bobbed DUKW

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this, but I think that if it were posted in the WWII CCKW section there might be an even bigger purist blasphemous outcry. So has anyone ever thought about bobbing a DUKW and putting it up on 395's? Then to go a step further put an 80's 350 Chevy, with...
  12. quarkz

    6602 Engine Swap - How involved is it?

    Howdy. My name is Tony and I have an addiction. Yes, I bought another project truck. So it is a 1953 M328 Bridging truck with a 6602. The truck is 5 hours and 280 miles away on the other side of the state. So I am seeking some info, advice, opinions from the other 6602 folks. It had...
  13. quarkz

    2011 - PNW Mini Rally 5 - Bridging Truck Recovery

    Wet siders I was able to visit your side of the state last weekend for the Issaquah car show. Also while over there I made a trip to Arlington Heights to take a look a Oso's M328 bridging Truck. Well, lust was surely in my heart and I entered into an agreement with Kevin to purchase his...
  14. quarkz

    XXX on the WET side this past weekend.

    Well that pesky lad -that goes by srodocker- was fishing for folks to come over to the XXX Rootbeer Drive-in in Issaquah for a car show to benefit the Northwest Burn Foundadtion. So the first thing I thought was road trip.:driver: The show was for Emergency, Service & Military Vehicles. So I...
  15. quarkz

    Exterior Latex/Acrylic House Paints

    I was reading Gunfreak25's house paint thread And thought it would be good to gather paint code information into a single thread. Could those of you that used latex/acrylic exterior house paint to paint your MVs...
  16. quarkz

    Sprucing up the Gull Wing

    So I am getting ready to get the Gull Wing fixed up for parade / rally season. I was thinking about the exterior appearance and I could use some input on the paint and windows. A local fire district gutted her to use as transport and a mini command station. Then they cut holes on the wings and...
  17. quarkz

    East to West - PNW 2011 convoy

    Howdy Non-West Siders, Since I saw elkhunter's 3 month bump for the Third Annual Chehalis River Valley M/V Convoy&Campout, I thought we should start planning our trek to the west side of the state. Last year Varyag & myself made the trek via The Old Inland Empire Hwy & Hwy 12 htrough white...
  18. quarkz

    Hinges- Making a drop side out of a deuce bed

    Hinges- Making a drop side out of a deuce bed Howdy, So for my bob project I wanted a configurable bed so that it is multi-purpose. So I took my donor deuce's bed and cut the sides and front off of it. At first I was going to try to keep the front and re-used the sides by welding angle onto...
  19. quarkz

    waiting in troutdale TA 5T + dukw

    Any one in the troutdale area with space to store a rig for a week? I am trying to flat tow a dukw with the 5 ton, but 2" shackles didn't work with 1-5/8 tow bar feet. Looking around here for a flat bed to haul as another option. Give me a call 5x9 5x1 2x5x
  20. quarkz

    Operation Leg Room

    Just a teaser more as it progresses.
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