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  1. Rutjes

    Replacement Fuel Tank

    I'd go for the plastic tank. No more worries about it rusting. I purchased the 31 gal gas tank from Gas Tank Depot. Have not used it yet, but feels and looks decent.
  2. Rutjes

    1985 M1009 still rolling

    I've seen and looked at the ad from You can do it for way less yourself. Find a 6.5 turbo take-off with all the needed parts or get a turbo from PT Wiring Solutions or Quadstar Tuning. The latter is expensive though. You'll have to source the exhaust manifolds. Quadstar also...
  3. Rutjes

    6.2 started ticking on me

    Check the harmonic balancer.
  4. Rutjes

    Trailer load

    Definitely try a different inspector. Preferably at a different branch. I've imported a couple of cars and registered a couple of trailers before. The branch closest to me has a real pain in the butt inspector and the inspector at the 2nd closest branch was more helpful.
  5. Rutjes

    Trailer load

    I know over here in the Netherlands some people where able to "up" their rating by showing copies of other peoples papers who did recieve (higher) ratings before. There are multiple forums where people ask and others help out. Maybe you can find some German USA truck forums and ask there? Would...
  6. Rutjes

    6.5 Turbo Exhaust

    K30 frame is narrower than later models. I think it HAS to be routed outside the frame unless your willing to make some weird bends. There's a clear path to put a pipe alongside the frame all the way to the back. Just found this pic of my friend's truck. From that pic it looks like you'd need...
  7. Rutjes

    cucv help starter broke engine block mounting hole.

    GM 15544950. I ordered them from Rock Auto. Always use new bolts when (re-) installing the starter. Make sure the bracket, GM 14028931 for direct drive or GM 23502557 for gear reduction, is installed. I can tell you that broken starter bolts are no fun. Worst case, you get a broken mounting...
  8. Rutjes

    Fuel inlet retention device (fuel cap)

    One option is to replace the filler neck with a civi one and you can get a cheap (lockable) cap.
  9. Rutjes

    M1008 cracked head gaskets, runs fine, fix? Or engine swap?

    It really does start to sound like that mechanic was trying to trick you into selling it. Once you get it back, drive it and look for symptoms mentioned above. Judging by that one picture the previous owner probably sold it at a loss. It does LOOK like he spent a lot of time and money on it. I...
  10. Rutjes

    M1008 cracked head gaskets, runs fine, fix? Or engine swap?

    Wow, great looking truck! If it's as mint as it looks in that picture I'd definitely look into fixing the engine. You said the "head gaskets" are "cracked". Head gaskets is a pretty easy/cheap fix. If so 3k is way to much in my opinion. Or did you mean the heads themselves are cracked? Heads...
  11. Rutjes

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Dropped of my shielding gas bottle to be re-filled and went on to FedEx. For some reason they didn't like my joke "I expected more and bigger boxes so I brought an extra bed"... Go figure... As we started this order back in November, at the time we hoped the parts would be in before...
  12. Rutjes

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    I've been coming across an ad for 8-bolt H1 rims for € 250 for a couple of weeks now. I never bid because I want(ed) 12-bolts, but I figured if he'd accept € 200 I'll get them. The D70HD hub sticks out way too far for my liking. I've read that 14-bolt hubs are a common swap, going to try that...
  13. Rutjes

    6.2 engine question

    I agree with the posts above. But, check your harmonic balancer. Just to be sure... I don't want to scare you, but my friend recently bought a M1008 and after a couple of weeks it started making a rattling/ticking noise. From certain angles it was really loud. We finally found the damper and...
  14. Rutjes

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Today I drove to one side of Belgium to pick up a bed for my K1500 then over to the other side of Belgium to pick up the Dana 70-3HD (dually) axle for my M1028. The plan to run HMMWV rims without spacers or re-centering. Yes, those are CUCV shackles on my Iveco Daily :LOL:
  15. Rutjes


    Welcome to the forum. Good to see another European CUCV owner on here. We seem to be growing in numbers. I see some Dutch, German and Belgian and now French too. Got pictures of your truck?
  16. Rutjes

    85 m1009 swap to 6.5L TD

    The emission sticker says GEP on it. Might be a Optimizer 6500? Does it have the diamond in the valley? Sell the heads, turbo, transfercase and whatever you don't need. Use the money from that to get the proper heads and a GM8 turbo. Not sure if it's worth the hassle over a complete Optimizer...
  17. Rutjes

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    If insurance would be involved, yes it would be at least be an economic total loss. I was playing in the snow on a secluded spot and must've hit a pothole. It threw me off course towards a streetlight. In a split second I had to choose to hit it with the front or the side. Guess in that split...
  18. Rutjes

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Came across a Dana 70 dually axle. Picking it up tomorrow or next sunday. I want the D70HD so I don't have to use spacers for HMMWV rims I want. Front axle will then need dually hubs as well, will probably buy those from Hillbilly Wizard. As I already had my mind set on rear disc brakes, I want...
  19. Rutjes

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    What did you use? Right now I'm leaning towards Lugnut4x4's kit.
  20. Rutjes

    84 m1009 cucv chevy blazer build-up

    The OEM you are looking at is probably not a GM8, probably a GM3 or 4?. One of the improvements of the GM8 should be a smoother elbow. I picked up a GM8 a little while back because I couldn't leave it for the price the guy was asking. Thinking of swapping it with the GM4 just until I get the...
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