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  1. Andydieselpower

    Starter switch part sources?

    Hello- looking for a starter switch for a 2002 mtvr. Does any one know the part number or source? I looked up the numbers on the switch (pics attached- or hopefully attached...) and came up with nothing. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Andy
  2. Andydieselpower

    Starter switch part sources?

    Hello- looking for a starter switch for a 2002 mtvr. Does any one know the part number or source? I looked up the numbers on the switch (pics attached- or hopefully attached...) and came up with nothing. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Andy
  3. Andydieselpower

    Bobbed M35a2 with 1400x20's on stock wheels?

    We are in the process of bobbing an M35a2 for a good friend. He wants to mount 1400x20 Good Years on the stock M35 wheels. Will these tires work with the front end with steering, hitting, etc? I've mounted 395's on M35's with no issues but not sure about the 1400x20 setup. It's going to be...
  4. Andydieselpower

    M35a3 trans sending unit- where to find one??

    I need a transmission temp sending unit for the M35a3 Allison and cannot find one. It's located on the passenger side of the Transmission. It's a 2 prong unit. I bought one from CSI but they sent a one prong. Does anyone know who has this parts or know the part number? Any help would...
  5. Andydieselpower

    M931 running commercial in Iowa problems!!

    Hello, We have a customer who purchased an M931a2 from us that is using the unit to pull large concrete pipe on a large construction project in Iowa. He was pulled over by commercial vehicle enforcement today and was told he couldn't use the vehicle because the truck did not have a sticker...
  6. Andydieselpower

    M916/M920 parts help and tech manual needed

    Hello, Does anyone here know where to source the part or have a part number for the 3 way diff locker switch on the dash on an M920/M916? Anyone have good leads on who bought some of the partially parted out M916/M920's in TX a year or so ago? Ph# Contacts? Also does anyone have a copy...
  7. Andydieselpower

    M923a1 transmission fluid?

    I have the M939 tech manuals coming and will be posting them to our site soon. In the meantime what do these trucks have for trans fluid in the Allison 654's from the military? 10wt? Do any of you M939 owners here change yours over to Dexron? Thanks, Andy
  8. Andydieselpower

    M35a2c, M920 and M813a1 out for Memorial Day parade

    With some help from friends we took some of the 6x6's out for the Memorial Day parade in Owatonna, MN. We had a good turn out this year even though it looked like it was going to rain during the parade. I found that if I used the M920's air horn on the crowd they thought the worst was over until...
  9. Andydieselpower

    Big Iron Classic Truck Show

    Over the weekend the Big Iron Classic Truck Show was in a neighboring town of Kasson, MN. I heard there were around 400-500 trucks on the ground on display. Lots of classic W900 A models, 12v71's, 3408's, KT Cummins, etc. If you aren't a fan of spark plug engines this is the place to be...
  10. Andydieselpower

    M920 towing questions

    We are having our M920 towed off site tomorrow due to only one loadout a month in Topeka. Needless to say it's hard to line up an RGN with timeframes like that. The towing company is planning on towing the truck back to their lot approx 10-15 miles. I'm new to the M920's. The tow truck...
  11. Andydieselpower

    Richmond, VA M818 pickup anybody know a wrecker service?

    We are picking up one M818 tractor out of Richmond, VA next Weds. Does anyone know a good wrecker service in that area? Michael the GL rep (who wasn't that helpful!) said the loading ramp is approx 1 mile from where the truck is located so I just plan on having a wrecker lift one end of the...
  12. Andydieselpower

    M35a3 central air inlfation unhooking question

    I have an M35a3 with central air inflation that is leaking. (suprise!) What is the recommended way of unhooking this system so the tires do not deflate. Thanks, Andy
  13. Andydieselpower

    M35a3 questions, inflating tires, trans fluid

    We are picking up an M35a3 tomorrow (I know, I know I make fun of them but had to try one for the prices they have been bringing) Assuming that a few of the tires will be flat and the possiblity that the central air inflation doesn't work how do you manually inflate the tires? Do they have...
  14. Andydieselpower

    MEP-002AA2 5kw gen-set questions??

    I recently purchased a 5KW Industrial Acquistics Model MEP-002AAS 5KW 60HZ diesel engine gen set off GL to have as backup power. I'm not familiar with these at all does anyone know what make/model diesel engine is in these for power? Do these have their own batteries for starting? Do they...
  15. Andydieselpower

    5 ton M816 going to Deleware- anybody here??

    This morning I had an M816 on a stepdeck drive by my office. What a way to start your day! I then received a call from our scheduler who said "there's some 6x6 wrecker out in the lot getting loaded is that yours". I went out and talked to the truck driver who said the truck was out of Little...
  16. Andydieselpower

    5 ton two piece rims in Columbus pickup

    I recently won 12 of the 2 piece Hemmt rims in the last Columbus, OH sale. It looks like the rims are strapped to a single pallet. What would be the best avenue to ship these to Minnesota? Any trucking companies in particular recommended? If somebody in Ohio wants a set of 6 Hemmt rims...
  17. Andydieselpower

    5 ton vin year?

    Can someone please help determine what year this XM818 is? Vin# C124-12978 Thanks, Andy
  18. Andydieselpower

    Anyone going to be at Redstone, AL today or tomorrow?

    By chance are any of you going to be at the Redstone, AL location today or tomorrow? I need to get vin's from two trucks I purchased at this location and am having a difficult time getting the GL rep to help out. Please PM me or call me on my cell phone 507-250-5288 if you can be of...
  19. Andydieselpower

    M35 multi oil line for turbo bearings

    We have an M35 that currently has a small leak on the oil line that feeds the turbo bearing. The line going to the fitting on top of the turbo is dry but the connection to the engine block is leaking. I've never replaced one of these before- is this just an o ring that seals these...
  20. Andydieselpower

    How to turn up fuel on M35a2?

    What is the procedure to turn up the fuel pump on the M35 multifuel engine? I know there was a posting that showed the process picture by picture with descriptions but I can't find it doing a search. Any help would be appreciated. thanks, Andy
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