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    10W oil substitute for PS fluid?

    It looks like my M51 A2 takes 10w oil for the PS fluid, unfortunately my local parts store can’t get it In anything less than a 55 gallon drum they are the best around, is there a substitute? Thanks for any info
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    M51A2 steering question

    What is the proper fluid for the power steering? I’ve looked at the TM and if I understand right it is hydraulic oil but want to make sure I’m reading it right? thanks
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    Are M51A2 and deuce battery boxes the same?

    Like the title says I need a battery tray and a local guy has deuce trays, any chance they are the same? Thanks
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    M51A2 fuel issues

    I’m trying to get my M51A2 going, things done so far are to free up the shut off, free up the collar in the Hydralics head the shutoff actuates and change the filters. Im fairly sure I have the shutoff installed correctly but I have the put the rod for the governor? Into the arm at time of...
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    Starter switch for M51A2 5 ton dump

    I’m looking for a starter switch for my M51A2 Thanks
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    M51A2 starter drive

    Does anyone know where I could fine a new starter drive for a Leece Neville starter, I believe the model is M001093064, I’ve found a few hits on eBay but none with the model number, found several vendors for whole units but hoping to not spent $500 on a new starter. This is for a fairly suspect...
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    Behr paint code for strata blue?

    Ive been searching for a Behr strata blue paint code with no luck, is there such an animal and if so i assume its not ultra flat? and while im begging info is the cross on the M43 flat or gloss and is there a code for the red? Thanks for any info
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    passenger seat cover question

    how does the seat latch work with the seat cover? do you cut the cover and slide it over the latch hook? i cant find any pics. thanks
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    M43 Value?

    I picked up an M43 in a trade and its cool and all but I have an M37 and its more my speed so Im wondering what a fair sale or trade value would be for it? The guy I got it from added the mirrors and volvo seats and tossed the originals......:roll: There is rust on the box corners and some...
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    Best M37 mods for mild offroading?

    Back story is many years ago a group of us were into offroading. I had a 52 M37 that was completely rusted out and smoked like a chimney but kept on going and going and going...until the group was caught by life and faded away. The M sat for about 15 years and during that time I managed to get a...
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