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  1. quickfarms

    Need a shelter moved from MO to the west coast

    I have a shelter that is 60" wide 96" long and 72" high and weighs about a 1,000 pounds that needs to be moved from Springfield MO to the Los Angeles area There is equipment on both ends to load and unload
  2. quickfarms

    Flint Mi to west coast

    I need a couple of items moved from the flint Michigan area to the west coast , preferably the Los Angeles area but las Vegas would work. There are two items one is 44 inches long and the other is 54 inches long they are about 16 inches wide and 12 inches tall and weigh about 100 lbs each Is...
  3. quickfarms

    Pickup Shipping from San Antonio TX

    I have 10 medical chests that need to be picked up and shipped, no great rush on the shipping, to CA near LA or AZ or Las Vegas.
  4. quickfarms

    Sixcon Fuel hose fitting tricks

    I am having trouble separating the sections on the fuel hose and separating the hose from the tank. Are there any tricks? When I rotate the sittings it feels like the locking paws are not letting the fittings rotate enough to separate
  5. quickfarms

    Generator from EL Paso TX to CA

    I am looking to get a small, 7.5 kw, generator moved from EL Paso TX to Southern California near Los Angeles or at least part of the way.
  6. quickfarms

    Hole dimensions for container lock assembly

    I need the dimensions of the aperture cut in the trailer deck for the container lock assembly. I also need to know the deck thickness. They are found on USMC and army trailers. They look like this
  7. quickfarms

    Lincoln Power Mig 216

    AirGas has a sale on the Lincoln Power Mig 216 they are selling the 2013 model K2816-1 for $1635 on there outlet site, the stores are selling it for $1525 and including a helmet and gloves, this welder lists for $2386 .
  8. quickfarms

    Air brake manual

    This is a civilian air brake manual. The information is very informative for the systems used on the military trucks
  9. quickfarms

    M101 dump trailer pivot

    After 14 or so years the arms on the cast spring hangers finally cracked The repair involved cutting off the broken stubs Plates were fabricated to mount the heim joints to the frame The repaired trailer back in action
  10. quickfarms

    Tapatalk issue

    Is anyone else having an issue with tapatalk not connecting to this site?
  11. quickfarms

    Seabees Decals

    I am looking for a source for the yellow door emblem. I know where I can get the stencil but due to the curvature of the door I am looking for a decal about 8" in diameter.
  12. quickfarms

    Delta Team Decals

    Does any one have a phone number for Dave? I have sent him several emails and a PM here but I gave not received an answer. I need to get a set of decals for the Seabees truck I am working on
  13. quickfarms

    Denver CO to Los Angeles

    Does any one know what it would cost to have a Duece tractor shipped from Denver CO to Los Angeles?
  14. quickfarms

    M915A1 Manuals

    I am looking for the manuals for the M915A1 Does anyone have a PDF they can send me?
  15. quickfarms

    Converting a cargo truck to a tractor

    What is involved in converting a 900 series 5 ton cargo truck into a tractor besides adding the fifth wheel and tying into the electrical and air lines?
  16. quickfarms

    Pallet from BFR to the west coast

    I need a pallet of parts for my M146 shipped from BFR metals in salina Kansas to southern California. Is anyone headed this way?
  17. quickfarms

    M939 Air Conditioner Install

    Has anyone installed an Air Conditioner in a M939 series 5 ton?
  18. quickfarms

    Bumper markings for CBMU 303 San Diego Detachment

    Are there any members of CBMU 303 here or does any one have photos of the bumper markings I have seen a white circle with the 303 in red inside of the circle I have also seen a red circle with the 303 in white inside of the circle Which is correct for a truck assigned to the San Diego...
  19. quickfarms

    Has anyone converted a M1061 to dropside

    Has anyone converted a M1061 to dropside I was thinking about this last night. The bed is 14 feet long and 8 feet wide. How long and wide is the 5 ton bed? The duece bed is only 12 feet long so the sides would be a little short.
  20. quickfarms

    M35a3 pruduction numbers

    M35a3 production numbers I am looking for information on how many M35A3's were produced each year or by the initial contarct and each extension. I did a search and was able to find this tread that indicates the numbers are very low...
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