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  1. gator9329

    Who was plowing with a whistler turbo in Woburn am on 12/29/12

    Just passed a stinky whistler in woburn massachusetts plowing the roads.we were behind you and I could hear the turbo. Thought to muself who would be pushing snow other then another steel soldier.
  2. gator9329

    Awesome Rust Removal for intricate parts

    Hello all, I came across this form of rust removal on one of the gun sites i use. I gave it a try and it worked Awesome.. Basically you set up a electrolysis tub that removes rust from parts you would not want to sand or wire brush. I was curious and started with a chainsaw blade that had been...
  3. gator9329

    GL watch list doesn't show trucks after auction ends

    I have been interested in a couple of trucks on the GL site. I want to make sure I don't pay to much for the style I want. I put a couple of them on my watch list. After the auction ends I check my list of items that have ended and the trucks never show up. I had other items on there (non...
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