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  1. American Patriot 1960

    New (To me of course) 831-a

    Just got it night before last. Brought it home and played with it some. This is my first item bought direct from the auction. (Buyng from the auction was no problem, Picking up from the auction is another story that I'll tell later) 3 questions for now. 1) It came with a battery. There is a...
  2. American Patriot 1960

    MEP-003 Main Panel "Decal"

    I know it is not a decal but more of a plaque. But whatever you call it mine is so faded I can't read much of anything on it. Are replacements available?
  3. American Patriot 1960

    MEP 003A Oli cooler

    So I have a 003 and it is going to be placed in a storm proof reinforced shipping container as a "Generator house". It will have both an intake and exhaust fan to move the hot air from the inside of the container so hopefully the internal temp will be only slightly more than the ambient external...
  4. American Patriot 1960

    Need a 6x6 Road Tractor in Central Florida

    This may not be the correct forum, if not, please let me know where to best post this. I have a 40' sea shipping container (Conex) filled with personal household stuff. It is sitting in a field which is now mostly loose sand (NOT MUD) and any conventional truck is absolutely going to get stuck...
  5. American Patriot 1960

    A few "Auto start" Questions MEP-003A

    Hi All. I have located and will be going to get tomorrow a MEP-003A. Questions for you: A) Has anyone used this: Inova MEP "Auto Start Kit" does it work? Is it safe and will it in anyway harm the unit? B) If I set up and run the unit and adjust the voltage and MHZ then shut it down and set...
  6. American Patriot 1960

    MEP 701A, MEP 831A or ???

    I need some advise from some of you that have far more experience with these generators than I have, (Which is almost none). I drive a 18 wheeler for a living. I need to mount a generator on my truck. I do not want a gasoline unit, I want diesel. Noise is an issue so it must be something with...
  7. American Patriot 1960

    3-6kw gen advise needed

    Hi All, I drive a tractor trailer and need a 3-6kw DIESEL generator. I will be using it as part of my homebrew APU system. I'm familiar with "normal" generators and all the other parts I need for this system. What is lacking is a durable diesel generator that will last for a long time. I...
  8. American Patriot 1960

    Wired local area communication system??

    Hey guys, I have a friend with a farm in an area where cell phones just do not work. He has several out buildings and would like to set up a "Local phone system" for lack of better terminology. He has tried some wireless solutions and none have been suitable. Running wires to/from each...
  9. American Patriot 1960

    Wagon Trailer

    I have been kicking an idea around for some time now and I thought I would ask for some input. I have a need for a off road capable trailer to haul a Jeep size vehicle, a quad (4 wheeler) a dual sport motorcycle and 100 gallons of gas, 100 gallons of diesel, 100-200 gallons of water and a grey...
  10. American Patriot 1960

    Question To Mods

    Sirs How do I get my account activated so that I can see pictures and make posts? Please send me a PM or email me at: Thank you in advance. John S. (Note: No need to post this in the forum, this is meant only for the board Admins.)
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