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  1. wreckerman893

    R.I.P.--73M819--Ron Harris

    I just got word that Ron, username 73m819, was in a serious accident while driving a PLS truck tonight. Wes Simpson, username Simp5782, was behind him and came up on the accident after it happened. This occured in VA or West VA enroute back to Memphis prob on I-81. Jeff Davis related this sad...
  2. wreckerman893

    Need alternator and transmission for M915/916/920

    I searched the classifieds and no joy. A buddy I sold several M915's to is looking for a couple of spare alternators and transmissions for his trucks. Does anyone know if these are 12 volt output with a converter on back or 24 volt with converter to make 12 volts for the 12 volt items on the...
  3. wreckerman893

    Wiper options

    I have a deuce that was equipped with the electric wiper modification. I say was because someone "midnight requisitioned" said wiper system while the truck was in GL's possession. I thought I saw a thread about what civilian electric wipers will basically fit the existing holes. I checked...
  4. wreckerman893

    Need big truck moved from NC to GA Rally or Gadsden, AL

    I need to move a 1972 Kenworth cabover tractor from Hickory, NC to either the GA Rally in Oct or to Gadsden, Alabama sooner. Weight is about 16k and it does not run but the brakes are caged and it will be loaded/unloaded on both ends. PM me for details.
  5. wreckerman893

    Trucks for sale or need load out in Columbia, SC

    I just shipped two trucks to Canada from my warehouse in Alabama. The same guy that owns those trucks has two 5 tons in Columbia that either need to be shipped to the same location or be sold. He just wants to break even on them at this point. These are very low mileage rebuilds that came out...
  6. wreckerman893

    M1009 possessed by Satan still won't start

    Today I went five rounds with this wretched imp of Beelzebub and again it defies me. I've gotten advice from several members here :recovry4x4::gimp2: and I thank them for putting up with my incessant carping. I've narrowed the problem down to the fuel solenoid shutoff that is inside a cover on...
  7. wreckerman893

    Gadsden, AL to Miami area leaving 7/26/15 returning 7/31/15

    The Boss Lady will be headed to Davie, FL area Sunday the 26th pulling a horse trailer with her dually. On the way down there will be room in the rear for some freight. It will have to be manageable in size and impervious to horse droppings and urine. She may be dropping the horse trailer in...
  8. wreckerman893

    Anyone in/near Redding, California

    I have a buddy that has to get a mid-sized farm tractor with front end loader moved to a safe harbor and held until it can be shipped. If anyone is headed toward Alabama with a partially empty trailer or needs something to fill out a load on a commercial carrier PM me and I'll send you his...
  9. wreckerman893

    Using 5 ton cargo trucks for adventure type ventures

    I remember someone posting about using 900 series 5 ton cargos to haul passengers for "Safari" type adventures. I have searched till the cows came home (and we do have cows) and could not find them. Can some search guru help an old guy out?
  10. wreckerman893

    Fuel tank FUBAR

    I just discovered that the fuel tank on the CUCV I have is rusted beyond repair. My first clue was when it wouldn't start due to lack of fuel after having topped it off a few weeks ago. It stays on the farm and is driven very little. I noticed I often smelled fuel when I was around it but it was...
  11. wreckerman893

    Offered a set of Detroit Lockers

    :tigger: I have a buddy that is parting out an M927A1 that has lockers in it (Marine Corp Truck). The cab is a rust bucket and most of the sheet metal is toast so it it beyond restoring. He is going to keep the engine/transmission/transfer case, front axle/spring pack and the radiator. He...
  12. wreckerman893

    Wreckerman's M927A3 cargo/tractor truck

    :tigger: Well I've been threatening to do it for a while and I finally decided to do something radical with the M927. For the last two years I've been hauling the circus wagon (Electronics Van Trailer) to the GA Rally behind the truck using a tow dolly and in the immortal words of Popeye the...
  13. wreckerman893

    Starter FUBAR

    :tigger: Well....I knew things were going too well with my newly acquired CUCV. Murphy must have finally found out. Today I drove the CUCV to the lower barn to feed the piggys. I had started and stopped it twice switching the ignition off both times. The last time I started it the starter...
  14. wreckerman893

    Wreckerman bought a WHAT????

    :tigger: A few weeks ago a fellow SS member asked me to pick up a CUCV he had bought from GSA that was located close to my LZ. My buddy and I took his CUCV, a towbar and slave cables and went to make the pick up. When we got there the guy asked if we had brought any batteries which we hadn't...
  15. wreckerman893

    Follow up on trucks being pulled from GL auctions

    Since the thread concerning the pulled 900 series trucks has been locked I would like to comment in this thread. I received a call from Congressman Aderholt's Washington DC office after I visited the local office in Gadsden. This was after I talked to CSMDavis and he informed me that the trucks...
  16. wreckerman893

    Indiana M915A3 recovery

    I'm in Indiana tonight (4/15/2014) getting ready to recover two M915A3's for a customer of mine. He set up his own account and now I assist him with recovering stuff he bought. In case you haven't noticed winter is having it's last hurrah and it's supposed to be below freezing here at Camp...
  17. wreckerman893

    May need loadout assistance at Camp Atterbury, IN.

    My buddy got his paid invoice for two M915A3's he bought last week at Camp Atterbury. Is there anyone on the ground there that can assist with getting them on the transport truck?. Is there a full time GL guy there or does he come up from Indy or some other larger base? In the GL description...
  18. wreckerman893

    Battleship Alabama Show

    Next weekend (April 4th and 5th) is the Dixie Division of the MVPA's Spring Show at the Battleship Alabama near Mobile. MVPA members from Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and other states will be there for our biggest event of the year. There will also be a lot of Steel Soldiers members...
  19. wreckerman893

    Free deuce cargo cover

    A guy called me today that bought a deuce cargo cover at Fort Stewart, GA. He was bidding on other stuff that he didn't get and is willing to give the cover to anyone that wants it. Call John at 203-448-6648 for details.
  20. wreckerman893

    Gadsden Fund A Film Fest 2014

    Those who know me are following my progress in my movie endeavor. My company, Black Creek Productions, is a movie logistics production company. I assist production companies and independent film makers in getting the resources they need to make movies in my area. We also intend to form another...
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