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    M135 M211 2 speed transfer case mod

    The main thought. I'm converting/ installing a 2sp transfer. I had understood wrong as you are converting a 1sp to a 2sp wich was my original route but I fell into the 5sp/2sp parts package and that was the easier way to go
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    M135 M211 2 speed transfer case mod

    Yes I did read vaguely about that. I'm not in the habit of visiting regularly here yet . I'm goin this weekend 3/15/18 to pick up a 302 that's in better shape than mine then goin together, I'll prob just play it as I go , as an industrial rd tech improvising and on the spot modifications are...
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    M135 M211 2 speed transfer case mod

    Correct , I'm about to assemble mine with a 5sp manual/2sp transfer case from a cckw. I have everything but a clutch pedal n slave/ master cylinders, next stop the salvage yard
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