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    12V Switch Box Relay Electrical Issue

    I have developed a strange electrical issue on my 1078 A1. The vehicle was running like a charm, than I turned off the power disconnect next to battery. After a while turned it back on.. The LEDs were acting funny.. but the truck started,, once it started , all was good. Than got home, turned...
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    LMTV Coolant Leak Diagnosis Suggestions

    I have developed a relatively small coolant leak. I have located some light fluid slow drip on the radiator bottom on one side, but do not know exactly where exactly is the source of the leak. Any suggestions on how to track this leak? Any good pressure test tools that fit LMTV fill cap and...
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    Roll in passenger Window Gasket

    On my 1078A1, when I roll a passenger window up, the gasket rides up with it. Any ideas where I would be able to get replacement gaskets that have tabs in place and are nicely playable?
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    M1078 Starter Replacement

    To get my M1078-A1 start I had to tap the starter with the rubber mallet .. My conclusion the starter is bad. Should I replace it , or maybe there is a way to refurbish it?? How do you go about replacing the starter,it seems super heavy and I do not have a very good access to it, maybe I need...
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    LMTV 1078 A1 US Truck Size Code

    The WA state licensing did put for my LMTV 1078 A1 in a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating Code: Class 8 - 33,0001 punds and more. Which resulted in $308 Tab fee, which most off it is $247 Gross weight fee funds road, ... improvement Is it classified correctly? My guess just scanning the follow table...
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    LED Master Vehicle Light Switch Going Back Mechanical

    Can I :)? Is it going to work? I have 2003 LMTV 1078A1 with the LED panel switch, some of the LEDs do not light up, some of rubber buttons are kind hard to deal with due to age. Can I go back to the mechanical switch, which will run me new $100 with shipping instead of the $300+ LED one...
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    Wipers, Horn, Sprayer Not Working

    My wipers, horn and sprayer are not working. I am pretty certain the reason for that is that the plastic connector with 3x4 connector holes (under the control panel) is disconnected. I think that is one of the two connectors from directional control arm ( note my turn signals, light switches...
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    LMTV 1078 A1 Not Starting

    My 2003 LMTV A1 stopped starting. Some history: Generally it was starting like a dream, until the panel or electrical work was done on it.. ( this is the episode #2, the episode #1 ,., was diagnosed as loose battery cable, and supposedly the pushing in the fuses reset buttons..) I was...
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