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    Power wagon winch frame extensions.

    Is it a REAL Power wagon and not like and M37 or anything like that? The frame extension I am guessing are to allow you to run a winch? Confirm that this is a Power Wagon and not a military truck and I will give you some sources for what your looking for. you can PM me . Karl
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    Am I gonna tear this apart?

    Some info that may help you is I had an S-280 comm shelter in the back of my Deuce at one time and they had both AC/Heat units in a framework over top the cab I do not remember what the actual clearance was but I would think you could look that up somewhere!
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    Repower Dodge M 37

    You know another way to accomplish this would be to strip the body off the new truck and if need shorten the frame and just mount the M37 body onto the new frame and drive train!
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    Which military truck is the most capable? Good survival vehicle?

    You want a "CAPABLE" military truck that can run through DEEP snow without ever having to touch a set of chains, one that is capable of hauling anything that you want to haul, capable of pulling just about anything that you can hook behind it, capable of loading itself with its built onboard...
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    I will have to tow 1031A - Anyone tried (what do you think) a tow dolly?

    This is the kind of thing I like a good trailer for or best of all solutions is pay a little to have it on someone elses trailer and they take care of all the driving etc. its a small pickup I would bet it wouldn't cost much!
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    Thanks for the add! New owner and member

    Congrats on the new rig! it looks to be in very reasonable condition pretty much just a VERY GOOD cleaning and some touch up! Looks to be a very good truck for you!
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    What PTO is this?

    Hey guys I know this is a very old thread but thought to give it a try anyway. I am restoring a 50 Power Wagon and stripped the PTO assembly off it this weekend tore it all apart cleaning powder coated the case etc. and was ready to put my new seal kit into it and its not very close to what is...
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    Cooling System Question

    You dont cool your trucks engine by shutting it off! If anything that can be very hard on the turbo because of no oil pressure ie. oil flow to the turbo. Next time you want to cool your truck off just let it idle for 5 minutes then you are keeping the cooling system active in its job, cooling...
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    Mercedes-Benz 1017A 1985

    I have a Unimog and I know there are some Mercedes truck dealers in the US I would make a phone call to one of them and ask your questions and if they are willing to help I would buy my parts from them, its not like your never going to need anymore parts!
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    Cab install, no crane/lift

    crazyguy your title sounds like the start of a very bad story! Think this through and get some help, I dont want your next post to be the REST of that bad story!
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    Ugh i rolled her!

    I am glad your OK after that and I totally agree with the other comments its just a vehicle and it can be repaired with a little effort, the important piece made out out OK!!!
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    M931A1 Recovery Shreveport, LA to Hannibal, MO on 2021-03-26

    Congrats on the new truck the 939 series are very nice easy to drive trucks and the noise in the cab is seriously about 1/4 the noise in a Deuce cab. Like was said check ALL the fluids and lubes make sure that you have a jack capable of lifting what needs lifting and DUCT tape its a rag top...
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    Using a pallet jack to install/remove super singles

    I used a pallet jack when mounting the tires 1600 20 on my M920 and I had myself and a helper and it worked terrific but I can see having a second person to stabilize the tire was very helpful!
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    The Green Croc.... My monster KrAZ-255B1

    Congrats on the 255 it is and always has been one of my favorite trucks and I have NEVER seen one in the US! SAD!
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    Some welding trucks for your perusal

    Very nice fabrication and the layout is of your tools looks so very organized and accessible , a whole lot of thought went into your planning!! I have 1 question on the hummer welding setup, how does the hummer handle the load I mean from a power standpoint? Most all the hummers I have ever...
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    Off to a good start, I think

    Rick I think most of us would agree here THAT is a phenomenal start! You got one heck of a lot done to the old girl, good looking truck and your definately giving it a completely NEW life not to mention good looking fabrication work, over all I would say WELL DONE!!!! Karl
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    5 ton owner...finally

    Congrats on the 5 ton the 939 series are great trucks especially with the 855 series non-turbo engine, simple to work on very reliable as long as the maintenance is up to date! I know there is a placard in the truck but remember NOT to use low range in reverse or you will very possibly find out...
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    New Purchase Globe 10 ton trailer

    I have no idea what you paid but it sure looks like a dandy of a trailer! With the empty weight of the trailer at 12K I would sure give the brakes a good looking at and testing it wont take long to un-cage them and IF you needed them you would sure be glad you took the time! Beautiful trailer...
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    Bought myself a project! 1997 M1081

    Sean congrats on the truck it looks like you have a good solid base to start on! As far as the historical side of the Deuce yes you are right but on the other hand you have a lot more user friendly versatile vehicle here and the parts needed to repair are going to much more common while you are...
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    CA Hagerty Alternatives?

    I would be tempted to look for a different carrier! Since they insured the truck before they do know what it is correct? Is this a CA thing, or just this carrier? There are thousands of trucks sitting around CA not in garages I wonder what makes your Deuce so different and obviously...
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