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    My CUCV spin on fuel filter mod

    I went with the Duramax filter set up as well......thanks to Whitfield for the design of the bracket/plate to adapt the Duramax filter head mount to the stock filter mounting bracket that bolts to the firewall......I had bought an extra stock filter mounting bracket to mount to Whitfield's...
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    Radiator Questions

    Same for my '84 M1028
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    New Glow Plugs Installed; Starts Worse Than Ever

    Thanks Rick, Don't think it's fuel related....I bench tested all 8 glow plugs (resistance via my multi-tester) prior to replacing and found 3 of 8 to have higher resistance (>1.5 ohms) than the other 5 (between 0.5 - 0.9 ohms)....and no big deal to replace all 8.....and replacing all 8 glow...
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    New Glow Plugs Installed; Starts Worse Than Ever

    Rick, In your experience is it actually necessary to replace a resistor(s), or just simply make sure wires/connections are in good shape? I've been having an intermittent cold start issue on my '84 M1028 - sometimes hard to start in colder weather with extended cranking and/or cycling of the...
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    Intermittent wait light problem (stays on a long time and won't start)

    Where did you order yours? I'm thinking I'll order a spare......
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    M1031 to M1028A1 Overland Build, Offroad Designs NP203/205, 4L80E Conversion

    I'm another fan of the sliders! Same questions - how to mount and how thick? Great looking rig!
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    M1028A3 Front Locker

    Great pics!
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    Transmission Mount

    I use the ORD competition style motor mounts and their urethane transmission mounts......sure the truck vibrates, but it's nothing worth worrying's a 30+ yr old diesel truck!
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    Glow plug inhibitor switch / temp sensor question

    Replaced my glow plug coolant temperature switch today, OEM switch and connector on the left, aftermarket on the right...rubber insulation on the OEM connector was largely crumbled away with wiring exposed.
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    M1008 shift indicator

    Yes.....mine I think has a broken wire, so I needed a new unit.....
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    M1008 shift indicator

    Very timely post as I am about to repair mine as well.....I simply bought a replacement shift indicator unit from LMC and will replace whole thing.
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    How to remove this bushing??

    How do you like the Tough Country springs? I'm thinking of doing the same with 2" of lift, already did the shackles same as you.
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    How to remove this bushing??

    New springs too? Or just the shackles?
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    Project m1010

    Somewhat similar, since my '84 M1028 only has about 58k miles I went with a rebuilt NP208 and now have my OEM NP208 with a crack in the rear case half to repair with a replacement case half and have on standby as a spare. I have a spare tall adapter for the TH400/NP208......don't know if that...
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    NP208 no high range

    See what looks like a hairline crack on back half (?) of transfer case......ATF seems to leak from there, not tail housing......
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    Mystery Transmission Fluid Leak?

    Thanks Ken......that was my thinking as well......transmission has been working perfectly fine, and particularly the way I've been using the truck for ~ 1000 miles per year for hunting in South Texas, I think I'm in good shape.
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    NP208 no high range

    Will do Rick, I'll take some pics this evening.
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    Mystery Transmission Fluid Leak?

    I had the fill tube grommet replaced this week while I also had the trans fluid and filter changed......also had any other exterior gaskets/o-rings replaced like for modulator, etc. while it was in transmission shop. Tech showed me I had some grit in the bottom of the pan when he had it...
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    NP208 no high range

    How did this out for you? My NP208 is leaking, think it has a hairline crack in the I will go through same process.
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