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    Pics with yours m880’s in the service

    Any of you guys have pics and stories with your m880’s from when you where in the service?
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    blackout lighting?

    hey guys I have two m880's. What are the smaller lights on the corners of the grilles and by the tail lights called. Was told by a Army Vet that drove one of these things that they where called cat eyes but I cant find anything looking up cat eyes on the internet. And as you may imagine you can...
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    Transfer case swap

    Any one swap to a 2 wheel 4 wheel case such as a 205 or something else? I am looking to pull my 203 for a more street friendly case. I know that you can buy its to put in these. But ultimately I am just looking for a decently easy swap if anyone knows what will work without changing tail...
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    No gas

    Ok I'm gonna start off by saying, no I have not yet dropped the tank out of my truck due to a lack of time. But I am wandering before I do? What's on the end of the pick up? Is there a screen of some sort. I am planning on pulling the bed(good excuse to wire wheel and paint the frame) or...
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    M880 24volt alternator

    Hi I am new to this forum. I just picked up a nice m882. I am trying to figure out what to do with the 24 volt alternator. I have heard of people converting these things to welding machines? Which would be cool but not needed. Other than that I have thought of selling it as I don't have it...
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