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    Diesel Fuel Injector question

    I have an early 70's Detroit 453N engine with a bad head. I have a good head on an identical engine but it has N45 fuel injectors where as the old original head has N50 fuel injectors. Can I just use the new head with the N45's or should I put the N50's from the old head in the replacement head...
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    Mep005 Not Producing

    My Mep005 generator has stopped producing power. Only has 80 hours on it. after it quit I did get it to pick up one more time by holding the start switch longer. But now it won't pick up and produce no matter how long I hold the start switch. Any idea what I need to do or replace?
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    Mep 005A Charge dropping out?

    Purchased a Mep005A with very low hours and did the single phase split phase conversion on it. It produced power just fine both before the conversion and after. I start it about once a month just to keep everything working. I started it up last week and it would not produce any power. After...
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    Need Advise on a Mep 005A Generator

    Purchased a Mep005A generator that only has 45 hours on it but has obviously not been ran in many years. Had to clean the fuel tank out, replace the primary fuel pump and clean the strainer basket in the other one. Had to clean the fuel filter cans and install new filters. I now have clean fuel...
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    84 M936 Wreaker Hydraulic Question

    I hope I am in the right section for this question. I am salvaging the wreaker bed off of a scrapped 1984 M936 on to another truck. Everything is pretty straight forward except for one thing. The truck I am puting the bed onto does not have a front winch and thus does not have the secondary...
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