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    Tire Balancing Beads

    Another option I have them on my F350.
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    MO 1953 M37

    For Sale $13130.13 1953 M37 (Military/Dodge/Power Wagon) Missouri Title Purchased August 2006. Runs and drives. All systems on truck work. All electrical is 24 volt. Ignition uses all military waterproof components. Since purchase the following components...
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    65 m37 project

    Could your Hummer tires and wheels have the run flat donuts in them ?
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    membership limbo

    Looking better, will try a sale post shortly. Thanks
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    membership limbo

    Can't post to classifieds. Message "you have insufficient privileges to post threads here" Upgrade tab indicates that my Premium Membership expires Dec. 23, 2020. Payment info from Paypal. Steel Soldiers, LLC -negative $15.00 December 23, 2019 Payment Paid with Mastercard MasterCard Credit...
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    Looking for VIC-3 Intercom System

    Two pictures one lot. Accumulated for my truck but never did that project. I was told that all components were good but selling as is. $275 delivered. Thanks Stan
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    Jatonka Fuel filter idea.

    Ask John .
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    M818 W/M348A2 MO to TX

    Sounds like you're ok. But "MY TRUCK XXXX", I mean your truck. That sucks.
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    M818 W/M348A2 MO to TX

    Oh, by the way there's some nos belts in the trailer with the truck stuff.
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    M818 W/M348A2 MO to TX

    So day 1 260 miles done, day 2 330 miles done, day 3 380 miles (home) pending. I forget but isn't cruising speed for an m818 50ish mph.
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    M818 W/M348A2 MO to TX

    Knock on wood. Nice
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    M818 W/M348A2 MO to TX

    With a hearty hand shake and a Hi-Yo Silver Away, he's south bound. Stay tuned for more updates.
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    2019 Findlay Oh, Armed forces day show May 17-19 Sell+ swap

    I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. At this point a Friday arrival.
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    2019 Findlay Oh, Armed forces day show May 17-19 Sell+ swap

    Work light $20, M35 winter front w/ clips $30, Tow hooks $10, Taillights $65, Surgical sink kit $125, Stretcher $10, Stretcher backrest $25, Stretcher stands $40, Ring mount w/ legs & hardware $2500, Pioneer tool rack $45, Rak-15 MRE heater w/ cord $125, Mermite $90 w/containers $110, Cover for...
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    2019 Findlay Oh, Armed forces day show May 17-19 Sell+ swap

    Immersion heater $125, Jerry can holders $20, Insulated cover for jerry cans $25, Jerry can stand $20, Water containers $25, Lighting kit $120.
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    2019 Findlay Oh, Armed forces day show May 17-19 Sell+ swap

    Antenna mount $40, Armor light $5, Two axle clamps $80, Boarding ladder $65, Ten uprights ten corners five bows hdwy $225, misc, clevis $5 set, Camo support system bag 12 poles 6 tops 24 stakes $140, Dcon bottle $25, Dcon kit $35, Field desk $125, Ground rod jerry can thing $25 ea...
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