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    WTB Three parts

    WTB, Building a M151A1C, I have all the parts except three, the magazine box that mounts behind the drivers seat, the bracket that bolts underneath the rear to support the pintle and the locking mount that hold the M79 recoilless mount front wheel. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance!
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    Engine oil pan leak M35A2

    Question: is it possible to pull the engine oil pan without completely pulling the engine? Was thinking of removing front mounts, jack shaft, transmission cover. Your thoughts? Thanks
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    MEP-003 Hz problem

    So the NorthEaster comes through and I fire up the MEP-003 that has done very well through storms since 2012. Just broke 700 + hours. She was working fine set her to 60hz she takes load fine for a day then all of a sudden I start to see either Hz pegget to the high side after readjusting back...
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    M274 Electric Start date

    Do any of you mule folks have any official documentation when the military started installing the electric start kits? The last mules I saw beIng used by the Army was early 80's with 101st Abn Air assault div and those were set up as TOW units, wide tires and fenders. Were they electric start...
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    TM 9 Ordnance Paint Catalyst sub needed!!

    Does any know the catalyst I can use ILO ODC-31?? I had a conversation with the guy that sold his company to Midwest, he told me of a sub product that can be used and for the life of me I can't remember what it was. I want to say it was a PPG product that could be used with his urethane OD...
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    M151A1C or M825

    OK fellows, there are a lot of jeeps out there, anyone know if there is a source of either the M151A1C or M825's, I'm considering taking on a 106 MM Recolilless Rifle project. The 106's are out there, how about the jeeps. If I remember right the ass end had bigger springs to hold the weight...
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    New Style Air Compressor single piston installed in M35A2

    Good evening all, Can someone post a picture of the new style single piston air compressor mounted in their truck. I would to see how the small air line is connected. Is there a plate bolted or is there just a fitting screwed in?? Looked in all my books -34P's for both truck and engines...
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    Mep-003 Operation in progress

    Morning all, Just want to let SS folks know about my first use of the GL purchased Mep-003. I purchased it last summer, other than charging up to 30 volts dc and a new voltage regulator (DC) its ran just fine. This wet snow hit my area right hard, power line down, plus snapped off power pole...
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    New to Mep-003A Questions

    Hi, recent purchase of a Mep-003A. Super info on this site, still reading threads. My question, this generator with new batteries, starts and charges. Is it normal for these to charge up to 31 volts for about an hour then slowly drop back down to 28+ or -? So far every thing about this unit...
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    Article from back in the day 101st Abn

    Finally getting around to cleaning out stuff from back in the day, came across a defunk magazine "Airborne Quarterly" that use to be at Ft Bragg area. Attached I hope you can read it is a short article about the 101st, 2/501 Inf at Phu Bai having races with small car's. Now if you know what a...
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    M35 Installation of (in cab) VRC-46

    I'm trying to install a VRC-46 (in cab) of my duce. The directions I have are for Installation in a 5 ton. I've been told the cabs are the same. The copies of the installation are so faded I can't determine the measurements of the plate that mounts the MT-1029 under the passenger seat. Does...
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    M35A2 Engine Belts

    Guys I have an M35A2 with the LD465 series engine and 60 Amp Alternator. What are the civilian part numbers of the belts required both alt and compressor? Thanks in advance.
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    A2 Canvas Top

    I'm considering purchasing an A2 canvas top. I have not found any sources of NOS. Would like to get some opinions on sources or your experiences with the quality of venders after market canvas. The A2 I restored is an early 70's and I would like to find the single window canvas. TIA
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    M151A2 in country

    Just thought I would share, over the years a number of guys have stated there were no A2's in country. I heard from a guy that was in my company in Nam, he send me a pix of one of the guys that got a rear job as the commanders driver. That jeep is an A2, the time frame of this pix is 1971 with D...
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    Battery Dry BA-31

    Has anyone every found a replacement for the BA-31? My TS-352 Multi-meter batteries died the other day,, not bad considering the batteries were of a 7-78 lot. Anyway the meter uses 3 of the BA31s which are 4.5 volts each. the batteries were only used on the Ohm side of the meter. thanks in advance
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    Heater Duct Type HDU-36/E

    Hi all! I have one of those Portable Heaters HDU-36E, 120,000 BTU Model H82. Does anyone know where I can fine a control unit, part number is 668Z-670, manuf by White rodgers? Went to their web site no joy finding the part. Thanks AIE
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    Are they still around? M718 kits?

    Are there still M718 kits around or someone that demiled some and still have the kits on demiled jeeps? I'm talking about the litter brackets and extension for the jeep its self. TIA
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    Fixing the Model H82/83 Engineered Air Systems Heaters

    I'm looking for a Thermostatic, Switch for a Heater, Duct Type, Portable, HDU-36/E, 120,000 BTU, Model H82. Does anyone know of any surplus dealer or just plan folks that might have some of these heaters they want to part out? The part I need has a FSN 5930-01-294-5759, part number 668Z-670...
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    M151 TM wanted

    Does anyone have a copy of or know where I can get a copy of TM 9-2320-218-ESC. This puplication was used during the 60's early 70's with Army tactical vehicles. The pub title is "Equipment Servicability Criteria for Truck, Utility: 1/4 Ton, 4 x4, M151. It was fairly small and carried within the...
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    Gama Goat Shocks

    Does any one have a -20P or -34P for a Goat and can provide me the NSN for the Shocks? Thanks in advance!
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