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  1. papabear

    Guntrucks of Vietnam

    You are welcome Sir. Many of those men I have met and a several have "taken that last ride" since I was introduced to the "Guntruckers" and their history. I can honestly say that I have never met a better/nicer/humbler bunch of guys in my time on God's green earth.
  2. papabear

    Guntrucks of Vietnam

    Here's a link posted on FB by Red (Satan's Lil Angel). I hope it works. Please don't start watching it unless you intend to watch it all the way thru. I've had the distinct honor of meeting most of those in the documentary and a couple have passed...RIP Brothers...
  3. papabear

    Guntrucks of Vietnam

    I've seen bits and pieces with Sammy, Larry, and Ron but I'll darn sure try to find the channel on my TV. Thanks for the reminder Brother.
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