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  1. Wire Fox

    2020 Haspin

    Well, figures. People really aren't critically thinking about reducing the spread of the virus. Every little loophole that they can find is being taken as the opportunity to go rushing headlong into it to relieve boredom. It seems that I have my store visits down to no more than twice a week...
  2. Wire Fox

    2020 Haspin're telling me this is the premier moment to use my gas mask while driving around Haspin, with the voicemitter adapter plugged into my intercom to talk to everyone from at least 6 ft away?
  3. Wire Fox

    2020 Haspin

    Noted. Work has first-dibs on me, as there's a parade I'm on standby for on the 13th that calls for my HMMWV. I wouldn't want to break it and leave them without a vehicle...
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