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  1. tatra813

    Tatra Specifications

    I doubt it, Ive been in all the hobby clubs in the west coast and nobody has ever mentioned one. Hopefully there is though would love to pick up a 815 also. Just dont want to deal with importing one. Let me know if you can rember any info on the local one besides what you already told. thanks
  2. tatra813

    Tatra Specifications

    cool surprised I havent ran into any in the Oregon area. I know of a guy with a 813 in san diego and Ive got 4 813s in Washington/oregon area. would love to see a 815 or really buy one.let me know if you get any more specific info. Thanks
  3. tatra813

    Tatra Specifications

    any private party owners of the 815 in the u.s.? not talking about BLM
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