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    Made it home in M934, Ft Riley to Keller, TX!

    She's running and driving, I'm headed to Salina now to get some goodies but she's idling way too high and the front end is vibrating pretty bad. Now she's lost all power, gonna check the fuel lines for ice/water/debris.
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    Picking up a M934 in Kansas and going to Texas

    Well after trying for a couple of weeks to find an affordable (for me) way to transport my new M934 from Ft. Riley back home to Texas I have decided to go and attempt to bring her back myself. Taking the wife and kids and leaving home tonight, planning to stay at or near Ft. Riley. I called the...
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    M925A2 Pickup Questions Ft. Riley KS.

    Frequent SS reader, first time posting- mostly because I have not been able to fulfill my dream of a cool military truck until TODAY! I won a M925A2 today at Ft. Riley and I'm pretty excited but I'm looking at a 490 mile recovery to Keller, TX. My main issue is that the truck has super singles...
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