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    What's a good MEP-005 worth these days?

    Here's a thought... do searches for good used trucks in places like Nevada, Arizona, California since generator is situated in Mojave, CA. If your a gambling man & were to locate a truck near Las Vegas you might find reasonable flights into Vegas. Spend a night there and if luck is with you...
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    What's a good MEP-005 worth these days?

    Truck not long-haul road worthy... no problemo! Do as Guy did..."hitch hike" your way out West! Could be a competition between you & your son as to who is most successful getting rides. ;) Then rent a suitable truck one-way back to RI to pull the beast home. If your lucky you might have your...
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    What's a good MEP-005 worth these days?

    C'mon Ray, you and your talented 11 year old son need a road trip out West! On your way out West you could give your son a scenic & educational road trip of a lifetime. Depending on your route, you could visit either Mt. Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Rocky Mtn National park, Yellowstone Park...
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    What's a good MEP-005 worth these days?

    The OP said he had no financial interest in it and was just trying to help the guy with a ballpark asking price figure. Since its relatively close to you you should PM the OP to get contact info of the seller if you want to pursue it.
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    What's a good MEP-005 worth these days?

    I know you only asked for a "Ball Park" valuation. It's hard to say what that particular unit might be worth without knowing more: Has it, or would it, pass a load test and internal under the doors visual inspection? What are actual Hobbs meter hours? One odd thing is that it doesn't have its...
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    LPW2/4 12V starter suggestion

    Not to distract from your question, but good how times have changed! When I was 11 yrs old I was probably watching Bonanza or outside riding my bicycle! Your son must have a really good role model to dive into such endeavors at such a young age! Anyway, carry on with the quest for...
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    If there is anyway you can post a video of your starting attempts it might help with member troubleshooting advice. Would be good if an assistant could capture a video of exhaust while attempting to start and of course the sound of it while turning over. One thought I had was regarding...
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    Yes, there is a Diode CR2 on A-1 Relay Board that could cause this situation (described in PDF attached below). Never heard of it happening from just sitting but who knows... While you are checking things you should make sure your genset is wired in accordance with the update as was...
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    MEP 802A - Roof structure with a baffle...anyone done this already?

    Since you mentioned you live out in the woods... There was an old thread on here a few years ago with a member discussing when he was in the military they built a bunker type enclosure out of sand bags to accommodate a generator. Having walls built out of sand bags, or earth berms, would...
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    Do the mep 007 gensets have any inherent problems

    I'm sure Guy will have an opinion on the -007 series, or anyone else that might have one. It might even be one of the Models, gensets that is, that Guy slept ;) I have a copy of the Guide (attached below) that has an overview of the MEP-007B. It begins on "PDF pg 158" (printed pg...
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    Need Assistance Identifying Onan Diesel Model

    And unfortunately with a "PSU" injection pump (not Ambac M50). If the IJ pump needs parts its going to be difficult to find them. I have an engine service manual that covers the DJE that I will attach. Hope it helps! Edit: BTW, this is a very good resource when working on the Military...
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    Mep002a gauges

    Yep, a Kill-A-Watt meter is always a good tool to have on hand! I use it as a comparison to generator gauges when first firing up generator. Its great to then take in house and plug into an outlet, like a kitchen outlet. where it can be easily seen while running house on generator power to...
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    MEP 003A, CB2 DC Circuit Breaker Trip

    A few years back I asked the same question when I bought my 1st MEP-002a and I too listed & questioned keeping a few key spares on hand. It was suggested by a long time SS member that if you add up the cost of buying "critical spares" you could in all likelihood buy a complete spare unit. At...
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    First start of a MEP-002, do's and don'ts?

    Another thought... if units were not mothballed properly and have sat with any residual fuel in them there's a chance that the "injection pump plunger guide" could be stuck. If you try to crank it over there is some risk of breaking the plunger guide if its stuck. There is a procedure (can't...
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    First start of a MEP-002, do's and don'ts?

    Also in addition to above, I would suggest the following not knowing its history: 1. Open the front control panel and look inside for anything unusual: Loose parts laying in bottom of cabinet, loose or cut wires, burnt wires or components, missing components, etc. 2. Verify it has all its...
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    Making stationary engines more efficient when loads are reduced

    However, a typical generator must maintain a constant RPM to maintain a constant hertz rating. So changing RPM to meet load would affect hertz. Fuel is metered in relation to load to produce a consistent RPM to produce consistent hertz output. High electrical load = more fuel required to...
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    802a Hard Start - Thoughts?

    I agree with everything Ray stated above. Also, you mention " takes a few battery charges to get it started". Wondering if its due to old low voltage batteries & not holding a charge and perhaps it's impacting glow plug heat and starting RPMs?
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    Generator purchase advice

    Plus there are other potential negatives associated with propane. This generator fuel type chart is a good starting point for those considering what type of fueled generator to consider. I realize the OP has already made his generator selection (a very good one!) but others coming along later &...
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    803a not warming up

    If 2 out of 2 thermostats are reading low perhaps its not the thermostats but the gauge or temp probe itself. Have you ever seen it come up to proper temp?
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    MEP-016B Injection Pump Jammed

    The night before and right before you attempt to take it out you should try using a heat gun on the injection pump to help the ATF work its magic...hopefully! If not, rinse & repeat the process a few times. I've even resorted to alternate hot/cold treatment to break the bond of stuck objects...
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