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    Transmission Question

    The transmission in my M1028 has been acting odd lately when I first got it I dropped the pan and changed the filter, fast forward 4 months and best I can tell the pump starts whining and the shifts get sloppy. After some reading I changed all the rubber vacuum lines and replaced the filter...
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    Replace or Rebuild M1028 axle?

    Ok so still haven't opened it yet but yesterday my rear axle decided to start shooting gasses out of the pinion assembly seal and clunking while on my way home, after a flat bed ride home it refused to move until I pulled the axle shafts and towed it out of the driveway. So assuming that most...
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    Block Heater Install

    Starting to get cold here and figured it would be a good idea to install one of the freeze plug heaters. Getting the old plug out was a bit of a hassle never could get it to turn and poked a hole in it so just shoved it through and pulled it back out. I'll post more pics tomorrow after I get the...
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