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    Deuce (or other Military vehicle) to civilian trailer electrical adapter kit.

    A couple of years ago, someone was selling a "plug and play" adapter kit on this site. I'm very interested now if anyone is still selling them . Thanks, Dave
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    Possible antique vehicle purchase from New Brunswick.

    I might need to import a 50+yr old 2500lb car from New Brunswick to Alabama. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Need a d4d cat moved.

    Need a quote for approximately 20k lb dozer moved from 32578 to 35603. Thanks
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    Ok, another "what's it worth" question?

    1009 was running when parked 16?yrs ago? 43k miles. Inner fender wells crusty.Gone. Was driven in from Bragg and parked. I call "scrap price" if not running and driving"? any guidance?
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    Rear Axle Seal TM question?

    I've printed off TM 9-2320-209-34-2-1. I'm looking specifically for the procedures for rear axle seal replacement. I've found bearing removal and replacement and inspection, axle removal,etc. I haven't seen a USAF TO in thirty years. Any help is much appreciated.
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    Will an m1022 transporter carry an s280 or s330 shelter?

    Any advise?
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    it appears that I lost both my horn and electric wipers at the same time.

    Is there anything common electrically between the two?
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    Air pressure bleeder sounds like someone is using an air nailer in my cab?

    I don't think this is normal?
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    looking at an m923?

    Supposedly she needs some kind of brake solenoid that is "toasted"? What am I looking for? She is in a yard and the wrench is former army?
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    regarding a rear mounted pto,,,,

    Has anyone ever mounted a farm tractor mounted pto dive wood splitter to a deuce?
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    Drove two VFD deuces with the mechanical parking brakes removed?

    They both have some sort of hydraulic valve mounted under the edge of the seat. I was instructed that you press on the brake pedal hard and flip this valve over to lock the brakes. This sounds a bit shady to me. Fully pressurized brake system 24/7 causing failure, etc? Said failure making me...
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    Front main seal let go.

    Is it the same part as the rear?
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    Window operator for a deuce passenger side?

    Also need the rollers?
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    I'm sorry but I can't get my arms around these tms?

    I was basically depot level maintenance and repair and had very small bibles. I lost both my horn and electric wipers at the same time and have no idea where to start on troubleshooting. I can find where and how to change a wiring harness (basically swap wires) .
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    Has anyone removed the turbo from a deuce just to safely "blow smoke"?

    Supposedly the turbo only adds 5hp and cleans up the smoke. Just for fun. Very seldom driven.
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