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  1. Zadvark

    How to remove the instrument cluster?

    No magic advise but mine was wedged in pretty hard between the upper and lower edges of the sheet metal portion of the dash. Wiggling it out went a lot better than pushing it back in. Next time around I may take a hair off the opening in the dashboard.
  2. Zadvark

    Going down in tire size

    And that my friends concludes the conversation. Well said sir, well said.
  3. Zadvark

    Wiper Wash Control Wiring

    Okay, I'm in the -20 schematic (Figure F-20) and am trying to figure out how this works. I'm replacing with wiper control switch in the steering column and am finding the plug is wired slightly different and am wondering if I need to duplicate what came out. The first picture is the existing...
  4. Zadvark

    Steering Column - HA!, how hard can it be?

    I caught a quick video somewhere that was a minor stroke of genius. The guy pull the connectors from the connector block itself which makes for a more svelte package when snaking them down the column. I'm no stranger to the molex style connectors so I see if this approach works.
  5. Zadvark

    Steering Column - HA!, how hard can it be?

    All I wanted was to have a working wiper switch. Following the TMs, YouTube, and of course the SS search option I dug into the column. I have not removed the column from the truck and is it actually possible to snake the wire bundle down the inside column without pulling the whole thing out? The...
  6. Zadvark

    North Carolina FMV Legislation

    Got it, I'll leave it up to the SS subject matter experts to address if a time comes to do so.
  7. Zadvark

    North Carolina FMV Legislation

    Looking for a good template to start a letter writing campaign in hopes to adopt laws pertaining to the licensure and registration much like they have in Texas. Does anyone have a good template from past attempts I can start with? These are not commercial vehicles and the 35 year limit is a...
  8. Zadvark

    2017 Denton Buy Sell Trade

    I've been looking for the same thing. It's out of my league but Delk's nearby has a trailer unit complete with built-in 10KW gen sets. I'd need my 5-ton to tow it but I think it's easily a 120' tower. A 50 foot telescopic would be perfect.
  9. Zadvark

    Vacuum Regulator Valve for 85 M1009

    Are you getting 20" of vacuum from the pump itself? I'm going around in circles with the vacuum system and I'm just curious.
  10. Zadvark

    M1009 Non "HD" Transmission Case

    LOL... As always, Rusty to the rescue. You know man, at some point we're going to require you to download your brain and getting some fingernail clippings for your clone that SS is going to finance. Thanks for you clear and concise answer.
  11. Zadvark

    M1009 Non "HD" Transmission Case

    Had a transmission pulled from a 1984 M1009 which did not have the "HD" embossed on the casing. As I did not receive this vehicle directly from DRMO I would think is possible that it had been swapped previously but it does appear to be the original transmission. Was the "HD" marking done later on?
  12. Zadvark

    What good is a 400 MHz generator?

    Make an induction heater?
  13. Zadvark

    2017 Denton Buy Sell Trade

    Who would happen to be out CUCV part/supplies god or goddess for this event?
  14. Zadvark

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    LOL... I love the description of the product. I think is from the same company that brought us the Rockwell Retro Encabulator This is a CMOS 8-bit successive approximation A/D converter that uses a differential potentiometric ladder-similar to the 256R products. This converter is designed to...
  15. Zadvark

    Gear oil from axle lock switch

    Forgive my Neanderthal showing but the fix was to replace the valve? I have the same issues on a M923A1.
  16. Zadvark

    Need help priming NHC250

    For future reference, O-Ring #0562 (3/8" ID X 1/2" OD X 1/16") from Lowes/HomeDepot, etc plumbing department is the correct size for the priming pump itself.
  17. Zadvark

    How many "OLD" guy's are just getting in to a LMTV ?

    Kind of in the same boat but just got my first M923 5-ton. Yep, getting in is a stair-stepper excercise for your joints as you launch yourself six feet in the air but it might be the most heavy excersise I get <grin>. Everything is heavy, big, and off the ground but that's why we use ladders and...
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