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    Deuce (or other Military vehicle) to civilian trailer electrical adapter kit.

    A couple of years ago, someone was selling a "plug and play" adapter kit on this site. I'm very interested now if anyone is still selling them . Thanks, Dave
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    Possible antique vehicle purchase from New Brunswick.

    I might need to import a 50+yr old 2500lb car from New Brunswick to Alabama. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Tow Bar Haul

    I've made many recoveries of many different vehicles. Unfortunately, 9/10 of them are alone. Here's how I'D handle this. #1--Insure the vehicle. #2--Rent a 2500 series pickup from Enterprise and explain that it might be a one way rental. Rates now here in Alabama last weekend was $89 a day for...
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    Need a d4d cat moved.

    Supposedly in use. mill put my eyes and a:; on it before we make plans. Sounds fair.
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    Need a d4d cat moved.

    Need a quote for approximately 20k lb dozer moved from 32578 to 35603. Thanks
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    M35 From SC to AL

    Why is she "non running"?
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    New Deuce owner in AL

    I'm in Priceville:)
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    M35 From SC to AL

    I live really close and have a medium towbar if you have something to tow it with.
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    Trailer towing an M35A2 on flatbed

    My brother with a 3500 Cummins flat towed my non stopping, non running deuce about three miles with me inside the deuce. I have a military towbar system. He's that guy that doesn't listen and always drives a little close to the edge. Had I not been in the deuce and manning the hand brake, we...
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    2019 Georgia Military Vehicle Rally buy-sell-trade

    Anyone bringing a pair of Deuce bumper extensions?
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    Ok, another "what's it worth" question?

    Fitz, floors and frames are solid. Seats are there.
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    Ok, another "what's it worth" question?

    1009 was running when parked 16?yrs ago? 43k miles. Inner fender wells crusty.Gone. Was driven in from Bragg and parked. I call "scrap price" if not running and driving"? any guidance?
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    Deuce Hard Tops: M35A2 = M211 or not?

    My first deuce was a retired vfd truck. A reeeeealy good sheet metal guy made a beautiful hard top.
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    it appears that I lost both my horn and electric wipers at the same time.

    I have found that the right klixon breaker is open. What's the amp rating on this part? Thanks in advance.
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    Request M35A2 Retrieval info

    Pm me a phone number��
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    Request M35A2 Retrieval info

    I've been on sort of a hiatus. I'm in Priceville and have a drawbar with two sets of feet. Where are you and truck located? David
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    M35A3 Food Truck Finally Operational not complete

    I own a deuce and also have a food trailer. Do you have a four foot tall platform for your customers to stand on or do you drop the food to them?
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    Issues With Reman'd Master Cylinders

    Dot 5 compatability immediately came to mind?
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    Brake Temp Fix Advice

    Half mile from point a to point b with no brakes? Low range ? I drive old tractors with no brakes?
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    New J Pipe is HERE...!!!

    Actually looking at the pics again, mine has no welds.
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