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    Complete rebuild questions.

    Blew up my rear dif this winter as well as a few other things. Decided to start tearing into it. It's a 91 soft top m998 6.5 NA currently looking at the following. Upgrade halfshafts to 12k (has the 10k on). My main question is it looks like the alpha hubs are also a good idea. Are the H1...
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    Grenaded rear end?

    Long story short, M998 stuck in about 3ft of snow. (We just pulled it out so haven't looked at it on a hoist yet) rear wheels will not spin in H, HL, L and not in D, R etc etc. Front wheels spin fine. When shifting into D, R, 1, 2 there is a pretty gnarly snag sound coming out the rear end...
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    Question on aftermarket parts and fitment

    Is there a list of aftermarket parts that fit on the drivetrain and suspension? I most likely snapped my rear half shafts last night (or worse) when I buried my m998 up past the doors in snow. (Bad idea fairy was strong). I am mechanically inclined, just never done much on the hmmwvs before. I...
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    Rims and tires

    searched and found a lot of threads on it. After reading a bunch im slightly confused. I havebthev12 bolt rims(non MT/Rs).from what I read I can go from the 16.5 to 17s for the most part. What I'm confused about is If I get cepeks or black rhinos I can get away from the run flats first off And...
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    Leaking trani fluid?

    what is this part called? There's a drip coming off it from somewhere. Tried a quick fix as we had it out of town. Definitely didn't fix it lol.
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    Newbie Questions

    Snagged a 1991 M998 soft top recently. Was wondering how to tell what engine and transmission is in it. On the TM it shows various types and outside of wrecking them every so often in the military I never really did the mechanic shit with them. I used google and searched on here but outside of...
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