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    LMTV - M1078 Alarm going Off (Dual-tone)

    So - started this am - I belive it is the dual-tone alarm. Manual says associated with the Troop Transport Alarm / Van Door Alarm .. I dont have one either of those. It starts of faint, then gradually get louder until it sounds like the low-air alarm. Any thought? point me in another...
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    97 LMTV-M1078 Brake Help - MD

    OK - first problems - Inspection said "brakes were wet".I took off the wheel and brake drum - they were. Looks like gear oil(????). Cleaned them up, remounted everything. ran for a mile or so and when I got back, they were "wet again". Where the heck do I start? (I have MS - so changing the...
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    Just got a 1997 M1078 LMTV.

    This is my second MV - wifey not too excited.. yet.. but, as the last one was a 5-ton(M923A2) - I have convinced her it is much:grin: smaller... and better.. and newer.. It's only located 2900 miles away! (But, 15 min from her best friends house in WA) cant wait to get this one home!
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    MEP-002a fuel pump help..

    if not in right forum, I 'pologize.... Need help with the fuel pump on a mep-002a . anyone near 21921? can compensate with food/beer/coinage.... it is a timing button issue. thanks Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
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