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    Rear wheels stuck on

    Could use some ideas here. The rear wheels on M1009 are stuck on axle. Tried to remove them after lug nuts and they won’t budge! Soaked them in Blaster couple times yet still not budging. I do know the area I bought it from uses a lot of salt on roads as by the surface rust on entire...
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    Not the way it’s supposed to be

    Pulled hubs and drums one side a greasy mess other not as bad but only one lock nut with key way and retainer, same on both sides! good parts. Heavy duty 4” drums, shoes, and parts almost new, but lot of necessary parts left out!
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    14 bolt axle pulled

    Finally after couple surgeries and rehab, not to mention Chiropractic appts a surprise from VA, pulled 14 bolt ff from rolling frame. Wouldn’t roll until pulled one axle out, so removed cover and drained crap that was in it. I was told it may have been welded. But to my surprise has a Eaton...
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    Using electric fuel pump with two filters

    Going to install new Jeggs electric fuel pump 5-7 psi is a lift pump still necessary? removed tank to evaluate sediment was some but sending unit had no filter on it. Have new 31 gal tank from LMC including all necessities straps insulation & sending unit. Reinstalling fuel line to pump to...
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    Survival/Bugout build

    I am slowly building a combined Bug out / Survival M1009. Using several up grades to drive train, Communications and all around use. Have picked up several ideas plus great info on my M1009's ability and how to improve upon them from Steel Soldiers. Appreciate all input from other members doing...
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    Picking up parts

    Well think I'm done for now in the improvement parts grab. Power inverter , ton drive train, Cb CD , few survival extras. Just had right knee replaced , and aneurysm repaired found during scans. Trying to get energy to get back to work on T3, doing what I can for now!
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    Radios for M1009

    Assistance for type of communication radios to install on my M1009.
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    Military salvage

    Any military salvage yards in East Tennessee ?
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    Rally's planning

    Any plans for runs near east Tn. Would like to attend such an event to meet n learn others in this field!
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