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    Woke up to Orange Sun, Raining Ash & No Power

    Tuesday morning got up and power was out. Went outside & nothing but thick acrid smoke in the air and could barely see an orange sun through smoke and there was black & grey ash coming down like light snow! Edit: Here's a picture from my phone I took of sky/sun this morning. Very eerie to say...
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    Test post using MS CrEdge via iPhone
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    Big 2 Cycle Generator?

    Well its been a little slow on the SS website in the generator forum during the holidays so I thought I would post this as a curiosity item. While I was cruising around Craigslist Portland, OR I did a search for "Military Generator" and an ad popped up for 2 very large generators for use on...
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    My newly purchased MEP-002a...Vandalized

    I was recently cruising around eBay and Craigslist on a lark searching for any "spare parts" that I might need in the future. Instead, I ended up buying a complete MEP-002a generator mounted on a M116a2 trailer off Craigslist. Its a late model 1991 (last yr they were made) with 3,000 original...
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    Currently Running on MEP Power

    Weather forecast was for 1-6" of snow last night in the Southern Willamette Valley (Eugene, OR area). Woke up this morning to over a foot of snow and power was off. Went out and started the MEP-002 and had the house powered up and coffee made before the wife was up. She didn't even know the...
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    Whoa...A Generator Forum!!!

    I knew there was a thread with members discussing and supporting a new Generator sub forum but wasn't aware that a "Generators" forum had been launched. That is...until today when I backed out of some threads I subscribed to and found myself looking up at the forum headings and noticed the "/\...
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    Cyber Monday & Holiday Deals

    Saw this and thought I would post GOOD DEAL on this 240V 5 kW Garage Heater for those that might need an easy load tester and/or garage heater. Looks like a rebranded Comfort Zone model to me. If anyone else sees any great generator/auxiliary Holiday Special equipment deals post them here and...
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    New life for "Parts Only" Gensets, ex. MEP-002/003

    Here's a neat example of what one can do by repurposing various parts from MEP parts donor machines. Found this genset unit while poking around the internet looking at nearby CL ads. Looks like he utilized several MEP-002/-003 parts. The Skid Base, Fuel Tank, AC Distribution box, Control...
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    Generator Spider Box

    After adding an auxiliary fuel tank to my #2 spare generator I decided that I wanted to add more "utility factor" to this Power Unit's trailer. You never know... I might need to help out a neighbor in need or power various equipment remotely in the field. I previously purchased a Spider Box...
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    Generator AUX fuel Tank

    On my #2 spare MEP-002a on M116A2 trailer I knew it needed an onboard auxiliary fuel tank installed but I hadn't gotten around to it. This notion was further reinforced last winter when this unit was brought into action when my #1 generator had a malfunction in the midst of a week long power...
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    Load Terminal Box Wrench P/N for MEP-002a/-003a ?

    Can someone who has one, please verify the P/N for the non-conductive wrench that fits the load terminals for MEP-002a/-003a? I've looked in manuals and the accessories STICKY above with no luck. I earlier purchased a Box Wrench (PN: 5120-00-138-3790 PN: CTM-282) off eBay that was listed as...
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    Glow Plug Copper Washer Source? For MEP-002/003

    So I was doing some preventative maintenance on one of my generators and decided to pull the glow plugs to put some copper anti-seize on them. I got the plugs out no problem, however I buggered up the copper washers getting them out. With glow plug in hand I thought I would just go to my local...
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    Use of "Emergency Stop" CB2 on MEP-002a/MEP-003a ?

    Just curious if anyone knows the advantage of using the Control Panel's "Emergency Stop" (CB2 DC Circuit Breaker) vs flipping the AC circuit breaker off and using Master Switch to turn off unit in an emergency stop situation other than saving a second or two? Does using the Emergency Stop just...
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    Major Power Outage Mep-002 Getting Workout

    Here in Eugene, OR we just had a ice storm that deposited about 1/2" of ice on power lines & trees. The power pole on the corner of our property snapped off at the base and landed on the roadway and put on quite the light show as it grounded out. The other power pole on our property is leaning...
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    MEP-002a transplant into NF-2

    One of the hazards of surfing Craigslist ad's is you just might find something you don't need but you buy it anyway… So I run across an Airforce NF-2 light tower (Light All) unit advertised on CL. After looking at the pictures in the ad I notice the enclosure appears well built (Mil Spec) and...
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    MEP-002a Battery Hold Down Brackets?

    I am completing a project of putting my last skid based MEP-002a on a trailer and have relocated the batteries off the skid and am mounting directly to trailer. I have the lower portion of the battery box bottom bolted in place on trailer and have the necessary J hooks but I am missing the 2...
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    Battery Disconnect / Crossover Lead Idea for generators

    I decided that it would be a good idea to install a battery disconnect on my MEP-002a since the TM recommends it when unit is not being used for a while. I am also using two 12V Battery Minder 1500's to charge, maintain and de-sulfate each battery, and while not absolutely necessary, I like the...
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    Mep-002a Recommended Spares List?

    Hi guys, new member here. I recently purchased a very nice Mep-002a 1986 vintage with 1697 original hours off of Craigslist after searching for a year for one on a trailer complete with canvas cover. As it turns out it was being sold by a very nice fellow SS member "MACSOG2000". Thanks Ken...
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