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  1. steelandcanvas

    Been a while - got a new truck - finally she got new shoes

    Always a pleasure to help good friends Jim! I drove it also and was impressed with the BIG shoes! Jonathan
  2. steelandcanvas

    M35A2 Fan Shroud Separating From Radiator

    Maybe search around for an "honest" repair shop.
  3. steelandcanvas

    John Tennis AKA JATonka

    I second the motion on John Tennis and George Kivett. These are 2 guys I have had extremely positive dealings with. George took care of my part needs when my first Deuce ate up a liner and valves...John has always been an email or phone call away for expert answers to my questions. Both of them...
  4. steelandcanvas

    Old style horn button rubber cover wont stay attached!

    Sounds like it may not be seating correctly. Try a little spray silicone on the rubber cover, twist and push as you re-install. Everyone that works on these vehicles should have a can of spray silicone, even if only used to re-couple Packard connectors.
  5. steelandcanvas

    Started my 003 for the first time since January

    This may help you in the future:
  6. steelandcanvas

    wiring problems deuce

    While you're at Kinko's/FedEx, spend a few more bucks and have that Deuce schematic laminated. Being laminated, you can use a grease pencil to mark what you've already checked. That, and a couple of magnets to secure it to the vehicle, will eliminate some of the stress of troubleshooting.
  7. steelandcanvas

    Military vehicles at car shows

    Barry, Gather up your Eastern Pennsylvania Steel Soldiers Brothers and go have yourself a good time. Car shows are a lot of fun, even if you just go for the camaraderie. My Wife and I attended a show two years ago and upon entry, they classified our MV in the truck division, not military. They...
  8. steelandcanvas

    Military vehicles at car shows

    This was taken at a local car show my Wife and I attended last year in July. The car "purists" look at you strangely when all you do to get ready is dung out the trash in the cab, and maybe clean the bugs off the windshield...while they are polishing and spit-shining their vehicles.
  9. steelandcanvas

    starter woes

    Sorry you weren't satisfied with the service you received. I really don't know what we could have done better, heck I even gave you a link to a schematic.
  10. steelandcanvas

    starter woes

    This may help your troubleshooting:
  11. steelandcanvas

    mep004 reverse power?

    Not that this has anything to do with your problem, but do you have a transfer switch or interlock breaker between the genset, main panel and the utility power?
  12. steelandcanvas

    Glad hand service air hose length? 25 or 50?

    M35A2 Drivers NOTE THIS! It will save you a lot of confusion and headaches! Besides the master cylinder being under the floorboard, this is #2 on the "lame design" list for the Deuce. Good call Valence!
  13. steelandcanvas

    Question re: "Aux Power Circuit Relay" and trailer plug pin "k"

    You mean something like this? You will still have to do the cutting and add connectors to the brake light circuit to make this work, but it will look Mil-Spec when it's all done.
  14. steelandcanvas

    Question re: "Aux Power Circuit Relay" and trailer plug pin "k"

    Rick, No such luck having that spare wire. I counted the wires coming out of the trailer receptacle...there were eight. I didn't do the trace after a visual of the rear of the plug. No #37 coming out of the "K" hole in the back of the receptacle, everything was accounted for according to the...
  15. steelandcanvas

    Answer to the age old question-m35a2

    Nice looking truck and a real pretty crew you have there. Stay tuned for the best help on the net when it comes to MV's. Beautiful place...need a neighbor from Colorado?
  16. steelandcanvas

    Question re: "Aux Power Circuit Relay" and trailer plug pin "k"

    We have the same reasons for trying to locate the mysterious #37 wire. I was also looking for a wire already in the trailer receptacle to use as a trailer brake circuit. I'm wondering if that wire just isn't folding back inside the taped harness, possibly right on the firewall where the circuit...
  17. steelandcanvas

    Question re: "Aux Power Circuit Relay" and trailer plug pin "k"

    If you follow that wire #37 back from the trailer receptacle (from right to left), you'll see it marked "37 Auxiliary Power (Tractor Only)" I once tested the "K" pin in the receptacle on my M35A2C and found no power. Do you have that circuit breaker on the firewall with a #37 wire on it? Sounds...
  18. steelandcanvas

    Where's Your License Plate?

    Never been hassled, and I'm going on 6 years now with my tags in the jockey box. I do however keep a copy of the vehicle code, and the official state paperwork created when it became law. I've had a Deputy Sheriff come by the AO several times while on patrol just to talk truck...he didn't ask...
  19. steelandcanvas

    What to do after you get your HAM radio license

    Using HamTestOnline, and a 90's ARRL Handbook. I have a informal electronics background so that helped.
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