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  1. FFRCobra

    M920 transport needed from MD to NC

    I just googled M322 trailer and saw this youtube of you working that M923 like a dog on Black Mountain NC, lol. That's a great stretch of road to test a truck with, that's for sure. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  2. FFRCobra

    M920 transport needed from MD to NC

    Haven't been yet, definitely want to one day. If I can find a trailer I can afford maybe I can bring a few different toys, lol. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  3. FFRCobra

    M920 transport needed from MD to NC

    It's scheduled for pickup tomorrow at 9am so hopefully in North Carolina by tomorrow late afternoon. Thank you for the offer though! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  4. FFRCobra

    M920 transport needed from MD to NC

    I finally got in touch with Paul there at Aberdeen. He said he was going to be there tomorrow and not again until 4/21. I had someone else contact me that was familiar with APG and Paul that said they could get it headed my way tomorrow so I wouldn't have to wait too long so I've gone that...
  5. FFRCobra

    M920 transport needed from MD to NC

    I might just need to take you up on that. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  6. FFRCobra

    M920 transport needed from MD to NC

    Not sure if it's on base or in a govplanet location off base. Contacting them tomorrow morning to see about that as well as seeing how stickler they are going to be about the 8 day max to get it out of there. I'll report back ASAP. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  7. FFRCobra

    M920 transport needed from MD to NC

    From Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, 21005 To Selma, NC 27576 Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  8. FFRCobra

    Tennessee Members, sign in.

    Small world. I grew up in Duff/Eagan. Still have a lot of family around there. My dad lives in LaFollette now out near Norris lake. I got him a 923a2 to play with in his retirement recently. He's like a kid with a new Christmas toy. What unit were you with in the guard? My cousin was in the...
  9. FFRCobra

    NC Safety inspection (Wake County)

    Oh, and check out the CMVPA on Facebook for local events going on.
  10. FFRCobra

    NC Safety inspection (Wake County)

    Took mine to a local HD truck repair place on recommendation from a MVPA member. Guy asked me to turn on the lights, glanced at tires and that was it. Didn't test horn, brakes, parking brake, brake lights, no COLA test, nothing. Maybe because I got there at the end of the day. You're in a...
  11. FFRCobra

    Moderators: please lengthen inactivity timeout

    You said you were on an iPad? Are you in private mode? If so it won't keep a website cookie so you can't stay logged in. Switch out of Private mode and try it.
  12. FFRCobra

    Horn Solenoid Question

    So you have 24 volts on wire 26, right? Wire 25 goes to ground when you push the horn button to activate the solenoid. Just try grounding the solenoid connector that wire 25 would plug into and see what you get. If you hear the solenoid clunk grounding directly like this but not when using...
  13. FFRCobra

    Air horn woes

    Just wanted to update this in case someone has the problem in the future. I evidently lost the spring behind the silver slug in the solenoid. I found a substitute that fit in the cylinder and just kept cutting it down a little at a time until I heard the solenoid thump when I hit the button...
  14. FFRCobra

    Air horn woes

    I think I know the problem now. I think there's supposed to be a little spring under the shiny slug. If there was, it's gone now...
  15. FFRCobra

    Air horn woes

    So my horn stopped working that last time I tried it, just the sound of air bleeding when I hit the button but not enough to get the horns to actually trumpet. Solenoid was thumping back and forth each time I hit the button though. Figured it had to be dirt in the trumpets or the air side of...
  16. FFRCobra

    NC Safety inspection (Wake County)

    My M923A2 is due for it's first inspection. I THINK I have to have it inspected in the county it's registered in as that's the norm for my other vehicles. Anyone in Wake County have a suggestion on an MV friendly location and tips for typical inspection failure items to look out for? (Besides...
  17. FFRCobra

    M923a2 air question

    Hope this isn't a thread hijack... So after reading this I tried the COLA test today and during the air leak down (engine off, press hard on brake pedal, count to 60) test it dropped from 120+ to about 93 immediately. I counted to 60 and there was no movement on the gauge. The parking brake...
  18. FFRCobra

    Is this a starter solenoid? Clicks but no power to starter.

    I have the same problem. I flip the power on and off until it actually stays on which I can tell because the fuel gauge shows a reading. I ordered a new one from Memphis and hope to get around to installing this week.
  19. FFRCobra

    M939 wiper blades

    Sorry for resurrecting an old post but for those searching for answers and finding this thread, 16-1450 doesn't exist at NAPA anymore but the 60-1450 does and they appear to be the correct 14" blade and at only $6 each.
  20. FFRCobra

    Ever seen auxillary engine and transmission filters like this?

    Ah! Makes sense. By the way, I attended Zachary HS back in 86. I bet that town has grown some since then!
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