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  1. Jakelc15

    Make it quiet. Lower decibel level M809

    It's never going to be quiet but it needs to be quieter. I have added a turbo and Jakes to my M818. The muffler was removed to make room for the turbo. The exhaust is straight through. I've had it this way almost 2 years. I got a decibel meter to see how load it really is. I played with it...
  2. Jakelc15

    Mid Winch Install on M818

    Started working on it. Got a lot more to do. Hopefully this info will be useful to someone else too. In using a front winch mounted behind my cab. I have to move the air lines, Pogo stick, and trailer wire connector. I'm using some of the factory rack bracket and tying some new brackets into the...
  3. Jakelc15

    M348 Camper conversion

    I've had this thing for a while and haven't done too much with it. I finally did a little work and took it camping recenty. I took some pictures and everyone here loves pictures so I thought I'd share. Rays Taj has been a huge inspiration as well as some other trailer and shop van conversions...
  4. Jakelc15

    Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit M105 M1061 Bought locally

    I needed a seal for my M105 master cylinder and a boot for one on my m1061. Crossed the size to a Dorman TM5375 1-1/16" kit for a ~48 Ford F1 Seemed to fit perfectly, included everything but the spring. I got it from Kunkel Auto Parts a Uni-select store. Was only $11.00 and they delivered it...
  5. Jakelc15

    Hinge bushing part numbers???

    Anyone have the part numbers for the nylon hinge bushings that OD Iron use to sell? Devilman had a write up that had the part numbers but I guess it didn't make it to the new site. Pic here I've started painting and I would like...
  6. Jakelc15

    939 series Allison TM

    Here is the publications that Allison has on the transmission that is in the 939 series trucks. I don't know if anyone had posted this already but it might be good to put in the TM section...
  7. Jakelc15

    M818 + M348 model

    Ran across this while searching for a part. Looks familiar! Now I want to build one!
  8. Jakelc15

    Got rear ended, totaled, parting out

    Was turning left and got rear ended by a 3500 Conversion van. Anybody need any parts? 11.00-20"s? winch? Engine? Got any good ideas for this thing? I don't want to scrap the good parts but can't keep it too long either.
  9. Jakelc15

    24 bolt wheels Help

    I have a set of 24 bolt wheels and need to replace the o-rings and a few studs. I can find the parts for the old 8 bolt and 12 bolt wheels but not the 24. Maybe they're the same but I didn't think so. So I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with these or has the updated TM or parts...
  10. Jakelc15

    2010 Rausch Creek Spring MV Rally Sign Up

    Ok folks, It's our first spring rally so mark your calenders. Spring Rally at Rausch Creek Offroad Park April 2nd, 3rd and 4th Rausch Creek Off Road Park 453 Molleystown Road Tremont, PA 17981 (570) 695-3900 Post Up if your going and I'll try to keep the list updated. Give your name, # of...
  11. Jakelc15

    Injection Pump Read the Manual

    That's right, read the damn manual. It will save you alot of headaches. Here's what happened, I forgot, ever forget? It happened to me! Got in my Deuce one morning headed for work. Just like every other morning for the past 2 years. Started up and ran fine. Was running on 100 % hydraulic oil...
  12. Jakelc15

    Transfer Case Help

    My transfer case was acting up a few months ago and I finally got around to checking it out. Tractor pull is coming up! So it started kicking out of low and I didn't bother with it. Too cold outside. So I tried it again the other day and it wouldn't come out of Hi. I pulled the seat and floor...
  13. Jakelc15

    Maryland Tractor Pulls

    Here are the dates and info for the Tractor Pulls this year at the county fair. All are on Saturdays with the rain date being the following day (sunday) April 25 September 18 5:00pm reg. 6:00 Pull October 3 Registration starts at 11:00am Pull starts at 12:00 noon Lots of antique tractors...
  14. Jakelc15

    Needed: Radiator for m35a2

    My fan broke and hit the radiator. Anybody got a good one for me?
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