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  1. onegmjack

    Tennessee Members, sign in.

    68 where are you from in the east? Would like some ole time shine, seems like everything is legal now. Not the same.
  2. onegmjack

    Tennessee Members, sign in.

    Still here, moved to Gray need to change my location in avatar. Dayton where are you at in East Tennessee?
  3. onegmjack

    Speedometer Adapter Leaking Gear Oil

    Did you put grease in the seal? The grease helps hold the spring in place.
  4. onegmjack

    Brake shoe adjustment driving me crazy

    Then check brake shoes. Where did you get the shoes? Are they NOS or something else?
  5. onegmjack

    Brake shoe adjustment driving me crazy

    I would check the wheel cylinders. Make sure they are not stuck.
  6. onegmjack

    Project Ferro Navy M37

    Dave where will we have to go, to look at you fine restoration?
  7. onegmjack

    R.I.P.--TIGGER--Matthew Helms

    Life is too short. This cross and flag for you, Tigger
  8. onegmjack

    R.I.P.--TIGGER--Matthew Helms

    He called me I think on Monday. Was going to go to the car show, on Saturday. Was going to take the Deuce. Will never be the same, without Tigger.
  9. onegmjack

    Question about NP-218 and NP-242 transfer case swap

    My 91 Jeep Cherokee Limited, has a NP 242 in it. I known most Jeeps had NP 231, with AX 4, AX 5 or AX 15. I think the 242 in the Cherokees only came with AW 4 automatic.
  10. onegmjack

    What Is This ?

    May be wrong, but the first looks like water separator. Does the part at the bottom move? Maybe spring loaded.
  11. onegmjack

    We have been cut off.

    Are you able to get home? Looks like a mess.
  12. onegmjack

    New from East Tennessee

    Welcome to the site.
  13. onegmjack

    Wreckerman's redneck engineer trailer

    You need some of tiggers green paint. Looks like it will work for the rock hauling, great job.
  14. onegmjack

    New guy from Norway

    You have done a fine job, you truck looks great.
  15. onegmjack

    Teds Trucks anyone try?

    I ordered parts from him, they arrived just as he stated. I was very pleased with him and his parts.
  16. onegmjack

    Preamble to yet another WC brought back to life

    Looking Great, Dave.
  17. onegmjack

    WC-51 Restoration or Bust!!

    Sounds Great, Kent.
  18. onegmjack

    New Guy from the West Virginia Hills

    Welcome to the site. You have came to the right place for information. Just have to do a lot of reading.
  19. onegmjack

    New member TN/VA border

    Welcome from Kingsport.
  20. onegmjack

    New member nc

    Welcome to the site. What you said about truck and what you paid sounds like you got a great deal.
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