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  1. TenTires

    Think I can fit these???

    I think I found the next set of tires that I want to put on my deuce today. Not sure if I will have to lift it or not to make them fit......:wink:
  2. TenTires

    What is this crap?

    Ok, so I have some UMO that I was thinking about tossing in my tank and just for the GP of it I decided that I would look in my tank to see if it needed a cleaning or whatnot before I did. Lo and behold when I looked in there, there was all kinds of FOD (Foreign Objects or Debris, for 'yall...
  3. TenTires

    Fuel pump not working (and how I troubleshot it)

    Ok, Im not saying that this is all inclusive or anything (thats what the "reply" function is for) but my fuel pump quit working and I was able to get it fixed through the advice of some folks outside of the forum, so I figured that I would post about it so that when somebody did a "Search" it...
  4. TenTires


    Yo! Anybody install a key start or hidden ignition key or anything like that so as to prevent theift? (Dont know about you guys but sometimes I go to some pretty unsavory places, not to mention sometimes I dont think its safe in my own driveway) :-D
  5. TenTires

    Window moulding and Heater Ducting

    Hey! Anybody have any window moulding (rubber pieces on either side of the window frame) and/or a spare section of heater ducting laying around that they want to get rid of? Send me a PM if you do and we will work it out! :-D
  6. TenTires

    Tire Size Difference

    Hi, Im not familiar on how these tire sizes work. I just bought my deuce last week and I was told today that my front and back tires might be different sizes and cause problems within the drivetrain in 6WD. I have the Michelin X's on the front and 11-20's on the rear. I think the X's said...
  7. TenTires

    Overheating (I know its been posted before, Sorry!)

    Hi folks! First let me appologize for posting a thread that has been posted a million times, Im sure. I did a search and Ive been reading through the results for the last couple of hours but Im not finding the same thing that happened to me. Here goes........ I bought it yesterday and set...
  8. TenTires

    New from VA

    Yo! Cant say much more than whats in the title. From HR VA and just bought my first Deuce yesterday (and now its overheating):| Glad to be here!
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