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  1. The FLU farm

    Sliding rear window from S. Denver, CO, to about 300 miles south

    Okay, this is a long shot, but if some SS member is travelling from the Denver area south and could bring a sliding rear window for a Chevy pickup, and possibly also a pair of camper mirrors, that'd be great. It's for my low budget M1008, and the window may not survive regular shipping - which...
  2. The FLU farm

    Bolt-on frame boxing

    Here's one for you guys with more CUCV experience. Checked the vitals under the M1031 today in preparation of finally driving it some day, and noticed these brackets. I don't recall seeing such brackets before, unless my '91 V3500 had them, and I forgot. Also found ATF in the transfer case, and...
  3. The FLU farm

    Speaking of auction wins: Hooks,TX to NM

    I know that there's at least two of us having a hard time getting our vehicles transported from Texas, Hooks to be specific. Anybody know what's going on with that...or more correctly, not going on?
  4. The FLU farm

    Transport a Unimog SEE from Hooks, TX, to northern NM

    Just in case someone happens to be travelling this route, or reasonably close, in the very near future. And also happens to be pulling a trailer with 20 feet of space and 16,000 lbs. of capacity.
  5. The FLU farm

    FLU tires

    Sing your praise for the Michelin 12.5R20 XL here! I will not join in on doing that, but will admit that this tire has a nice, rounded crown. Which is a good thing if you must run a radial. Also, this tire most likely works well in sand., sorry, I can't think of any other good traits of it.
  6. The FLU farm

    A Cat yellow Detroit?!?

    I'm just curious about this. Has anyone else ever seen a 6.2 painted Cat yellow? I'm guessing that it could've been rebuilt at some point, and being a diesel the rebuilder used Cat paint. But with only 7,000 miles on it, a rebuild doesn't seem overly likely. If that's indeed the actual mileage.
  7. The FLU farm

    FLU clutch interlock switch issues

    Had the opportunity to work on the sometimes-working interlock switch on the SHEE, and here's what I've learned. If pushing the clutch pedal doesn't create the connection, start with unscrewing the connector from the back of the switch. Turn on the master switch and ignition, then bridge the...
  8. The FLU farm

    FLU fuel issues

    Okay, I'm nearing the end of solving this particular problem on my (formerly) parts SEE. Today it was confirmed that there are no air leaks left after the valve (thanks mostly to new copper washers from Bel-Metric at the banjo fittings) by having created a vacuum in the strainer. After driving...
  9. The FLU farm

    New to me trailer, what is it?

    Anybody here have any ideas about what make/model trailer this is? I haven't found any tags or other identification marks on it. Being a Jeep guy, the 5 on 5-1/5 bolt pattern was all I needed to want it.
  10. The FLU farm

    Stuck backhoe bucket pin on SEE

    Here's the current situation; On the lower pin holding the bucket, everything moves freely except the links going up to the cylinder. Or more correctly, that's my assessment. Started with trying to drive the pin out with a sledge in normal fashion after having sprayed things down with JB-80 ...
  11. The FLU farm

    Wish your M1008 would turn like an M1009?

    It can, after getting rid of 31 inches of frame. Offers better rearward visibility, too.
  12. The FLU farm

    Unknown fuel

    There's something not-diesel in the fuel tank of the FLU419 I just bought, with a fair amount of corrosion and gunk above the fuel level on the inside of the cap, the strainer, and chain. It smells like very old gasoline, and made me queasy - which usually takes a lot of toxic stuff. Apparently...
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