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  1. SgtMajHarper

    LTT-HC style generator trailer

    I "think" I read somewhere that maybe the A3 also has maybe another leaf or two added to it........or maybe that was something else? Sometimes after reading so much "stuff" about all of this my agent orange kicks in and I confuse myself.
  2. SgtMajHarper

    LTT-HC style generator trailer

    They have a LOT of stuff; trucks, trailers, equipment, parts....Ranchers Supply Company 400 E. Crystal St. Lamar, CO 81052 719-336-9416 Shop Manager is Don marsh
  3. SgtMajHarper

    PA No title to a plate in PA

    Not sure about your local laws out there, but in a similar situation in Colorado you can call it a "homemade trailer". You fill out some paperwork stating how you made it; where you bought the parts or had parts, the county assigns you a VIN, you get the VIN signed off by the State Troopers VIN...
  4. SgtMajHarper

    LTT-HC style generator trailer

    $850 US......+ $24 tax
  5. SgtMajHarper you like low flying aircraft?....then here ya go!

    I didn't see any special hardware mounted in the gliders or wheel barrows parked around outside of them from al the gear they would have needed to carry their nads around. All that they had to go thru and were going to go thru and oh yeah.....didn't they get a whole $50 a month more???
  6. SgtMajHarper you like low flying aircraft?....then here ya go!

    Is the term "slipping"? Or am I having flashbacks to shoveling the deck the other day?
  7. SgtMajHarper

    WTH, Found a tank today.

    Many many moons ago I was at 29 Palms and remember when the Marine Corps picked up their first 2 M60's, 2 of them came in on flatbed rail cars just before the weekend so they sat on a spur with a guard detail around them all weekend so nobody would crawl all over them. As far as targets ago...
  8. SgtMajHarper

    New mule hauler works great

    I know it's an old thread, but I like going back thru all the old posts as there is always something to learn. I have owned my Mule for @ a month now, I also got an M116 trailer as my hauler and am looking for ramps like yours.....yours's looks exactly what I have planned!!
  9. SgtMajHarper

    LTT-HC style generator trailer

    Mine is an A2 from the data plate, it has surge brakes and HMMWV wheels and tires on it, I'm pretty sure all of them in his lot were that way, some were flat beds looked like for generators or welders, some others had no floor at all, they were open between the wheel wells and a couple others...
  10. SgtMajHarper

    LTT-HC style generator trailer

    Not sure who made them, but just bought an M116 trailer, it's a 3/4 ton flatbed same as the M101's from a dealer in SE Colorado that has maybe 20 of them sitting around.
  11. SgtMajHarper you like low flying aircraft?....then here ya go!

    Every time I see anything about 8" artillery I get all misty eyed, I was an 8" artillery guy for a long time after we retubed our 175's to 8"....8" is a beast.
  12. SgtMajHarper

    I joined the crowd.

    No work done on it yet, but have checked a little more and found out it's a 69' not a 67', I found a helpful group of folks on FB, put me in touch with a gentleman who hooked me up with what parts I was looking for and those parts are starting to arrive. I also located and bought an M116...
  13. SgtMajHarper

    New M561 in family

    The foam is for buoyancy, although there would likely be some insulating value to it. The tractor has a bilge pump to get rid of leakage and is single walled construction and no foam, the carrier (trailer looking thing) does not have a bilge pump and is built of a double wall with the foam...
  14. SgtMajHarper

    Will a M274 fit into a M101A2 or A3 trailer and will the tailgate close???

    Greetings, I know it's getting to be an older post and maybe you have it all worked out by now. I just got a mule @ 3 weeks ago and was wondering the same questions. I have an M101 trailer and also a Gama Goat and was considering how I would haul the mule. I settled on getting an M116 trailer...
  15. SgtMajHarper

    I joined the crowd.

    My nemesis strikes once more, ( the internet ). During another routine killing time search for green machines and other cool things on a cold winter day, I came across a local M274 Mule for sale. As usual, I kept looking, the ad stayed up day after day until the sirens song became too loud and I...
  16. SgtMajHarper

    Tailgate step!

    I doubt....just based on looking at mine that had a step on it when I bought it. Looking at pics that have shelters, it looks to me like it would bump up against the shelter when the gate is shut.....I'd do lots of measuring first. Betcha others on here know for sure tho.
  17. SgtMajHarper

    Not your regular Bobbed 6x6

    I always enjoy coming on here and seeing what guys think about doing in their free time. The talent on here is awesome on how to make it work, what not to forget, stuff like that. A while back someone wanted to bob a duce or 5 ton, then put power to a trailer I believe so it would be an...
  18. SgtMajHarper

    turn signal issues

    Thanks much Glean....good advice and kinda where I was thinking of trying next wiring wise.....hadn't thought about the bulbs being the culprit.....all I need now is some warmer weather and less wind. I've been busy tinkering on the Goat lately and been distracted off of the M715.
  19. SgtMajHarper

    turn signal issues

    So I tried the easy way out, looked in the easy to reach places like under the hood, inside the turn signal switch itself with no joy...installed a NIB solid state turn signal unit. Now I get a left turn blink just like you want, then flip to the right and I get 4 ways flashing. I'm kinda...
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