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  1. glcaines

    Replacing Starter Solenoid on FLU419

    I'm having issues with the starter on my FLU419. The solenoid either clicks or chatters when the start button is pushed. After several attempts with the chattering solenoid, the starter engages and spins the engine fast. I cleaned up all of the battery cables and other cables as well to make...
  2. glcaines

    Hydraulic Hose Reel

    I decided to try out some of the hydraulic tools that came with my FLU, namely the jack hammer. I have to drive about a half mile down a gravel / dirt road to get to my property. I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains and there is a lot of rock everywhere, including the road. There are some very...
  3. glcaines

    FLU419 Leaking Water in Cab

    My SEE has been in some substantial rains in the past and never leaked a drop of water in the cab when parked on level ground. I parked the SEE on about a 15 degree slope facing uphill and we had almost 6 inches of rain over a couple of days. I ended up with about two inches of water in the...
  4. glcaines

    FLU419 Likes and Dislikes

    1. I really like my FLU419. That is until I add diesel to the tank at a filling station. I have owned many and still own several diesel vehicles, both MV and civilian. None of them foam nearly as bad as my SEE. As an example, my M35A3 has a foam breaker in the neck and I can add diesel at...
  5. glcaines

    FLU419 Hydraulic Cooling Fan Service

    Has anyone successfully dismantled a hydraulic cooling fan motor and serviced it successfully? Of the two fans on my FLU, one spins freely and the other will barely turn when I spin them manually. I have not tried to put 24 VDC to them to actually test them yet. Most of my excavation work...
  6. glcaines

    Finally Received The Title for my FLU419

    I purchased my FLU419 back in the early summer - late June / early July 2020. It was advertised with a clear title, but the seller had trouble obtaining the title due to the Covid, or that was the excuse. I finally received a clear New Jersey title on December 2, 2020 after numerous phone...
  7. glcaines

    Unimog Shocking My Dog

    My dog Buddy is not afraid of my military trucks, tractors, etc. He likes to ride in my trucks. However, when I start my FLU419, he screams and runs off. I thought he was simply afraid of the noise or something. Then I remembered that he is wearing a Dogtra brand shock collar. We have 8 -...
  8. glcaines

    FLU419 Fire Extinguisher

    According to the TMs, each FLU419 is supposed to have a 2-1/2 Lb 5-BC fire extinguisher mounted between the seats. My SEE does not have an extinguisher and I see no evidence where my SEE has ever had an extinguisher mounted. I'm assuming the extinguisher is supposed to be mounted on the rear...
  9. glcaines

    My Turn for Shifter Bushings

    I guess it's my turn. My SEE has always shifted very smoothly since acquisition. That is until a few days ago. It is almost impossible to get into 1st, 2nd or 3rd. It goes into 4th fairly easily. I went ahead and ordered new bushings from EI. The transmission oil level is correct, so I'm...
  10. glcaines

    M35A3 Alternator Problem

    The Prestolite alternator in my M35A3 has been declining for a few months. The needle is now firmly in the yellow on the gauge. I checked the voltage with my meter. The alternator is putting out 27 VDC regardless of the engine RPM. Then I discovered something interesting. The data on the...
  11. glcaines

    Ignition Key for FLU419

    Did FLU419s come with a removable ignition key? In my experience, most U.S. military vehicles did not come with keys, simply an on/off switch. Some military vehicles with keys had the key glued in so that it couldn't be removed. My M1030M1 USMC diesel motorcycle is such an example. My SEE...
  12. glcaines

    Moving a SEE With Loader Down

    I know someone that is interested in buying a SEE that is currently not running, is not likely to be running without a lot of work, but needs to get it loaded on a trailer for transport. Unfortunately, the front bucket is down on the ground. Fortunately, the backhoe is in the stowed position...
  13. glcaines

    M1030M1 Diesel Leak

    Went for a ~15 mile ride on my M1030M1 diesel motorcycle yesterday. It was a great ride until I discovered that diesel fuel was spraying all over the engine. I made it back home and attempted to find the leak. It appears that one of the rubber fuel lines has ruptured, which is a good thing...
  14. glcaines

    Cabin Fever - Took My M1030M1 For A Trail Ride

    Being stuck at home due to the Corona Virus is driving me nuts. I've been spending time doing PM on my A3 deuce and tractors, but that is like work. I needed a break. I decided to take my M1030M1 out for a trail ride on my property today. I have 40 mountainous acres and quite a lot of...
  15. glcaines

    Snowed In - Running on MEP003A

    Well, we're snowed in again in North Georgia and running on our MEP003A. Third time so far this year I've had to run the whole house on the MEP, but only the first time for snow. I'm sure my M35A3 could make it out of here, but the rest of my vehicles are snowbound. The snow is still falling...
  16. glcaines

    MEP003A Performs Again

    During the recent storms that came through the Southeast we lost power for over 8 hours. The MEP003A fired right up and provided power for the whole house again. This genset was the best investment I've made for military surplus. I was very lucky because the day before the storms hit, I tried...
  17. glcaines

    Took My M1030M1 For A Ride In The Mountains Today

    It had been a few months since I had ridden my M1030M1 so I decided to take it for a ride into town and visit the local coffee shop. I had to endure several interested bystanders asking questions, which is normal when I bring that bike out. Afterwards, it was such a beautiful day I ended up...
  18. glcaines

    XM1073 Trailer TM Needed

    I have the chance to buy an XM1073 7.5 ton trailer and would like a copy of TM 9-2330-376-13&P if anyone has a copy.
  19. glcaines

    2006 Odyssey PC625 Battery Replaced in M1030M1

    The Odyssey PC625 AGM battery in my M1030M1 diesel motorcycle finally gave up the ghost. It started the engine fine in warm weather, but now that the weather has turned cold, it has surrendered. I ordered a new Odyssey PC625 AGM battery as a replacement and installed it today. It arrived...
  20. glcaines

    M1030M1 Motorcycle Wins First Place Award At North Georgia Motorcycle Show

    I entered my M1030M1 USMC diesel motorcycle in the North Georgia Motorcycle Show today in Blairsville, Georgia. I won first place in the Special Interest Category. They didn't have a category for military motorcycles. The weather was somewhat poor. I had to ride to the show in the rain, but...
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