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  1. joediveguy

    Civi K5 Blazer electric door swap

    I picked up a couple real nice electric doors from a 1987 K5 Blazer and was contemplating swapping them onto my Oh09, whose doors are pretty ragged. I am looking for anyone who has actually done this for advice on how to hook up the electrical wiring. I really don’t want to gut the doors and...
  2. joediveguy

    Shelter Prototype??

    Maybe someone here can help me identify these shelters..... I Just savedthese from the crusher…..Not sure what they are but they appear to be either civilian versions of the Military shelters, or a prototype of the S-250’s. They are all fiberglass with foam core andnot tin or aluminum. The...
  3. joediveguy

    Venison recovery vehicle

    I finally got to use the boom that I designed and had built o fit on my Safari Rack for hunting season. The Brackets were plasma cut and the boom itself is made out of steel round stock. It swings out over the back of the vehicle and secures in place with a ratchet strap, soon to be replaced...
  4. joediveguy

    My new front bumper

    Finally got my new bumper back and everything about it is overkill, but it is awesome!!! This thing will outlast the truck. Uprights are 5/8 cold rolled steel and everything else is ¼ inch steel plating. I found a guy here in Northern Virginia that runs his own fabrication shop and has a huge...
  5. joediveguy

    M1008 bumper on a M1009??

    Has anyone ever put an M1008 rear bumper on a M1009?? I was wondering if it was a straight bolt up or would I come into other issues??
  6. joediveguy

    Hummer Style Exhaust on a M1009?

    Has anyone ever tried to convert their exhaust pipes to run out and up the rear quarter panels? Like the Hummers do? Just thought it would look cool…………
  7. joediveguy


    Okay all you math wizzes, I just did a 136 mile round trip on a combination of highway (55mph) and back roads (45mph). I filled up before I left and when I got back, I used 9 gallons. That comes out to just over 15mpg and I am not happy with that at all. Then I started thinking about the speedo...
  8. joediveguy

    Benjamin Moore Rock River OD paint Brush or Spray??

    Okay, so after searching posts and after deciding on the BM RR paint, I am ready to paint. I have a tailgate that I have prepped and started to paint. The bed side I primed and brushed on bed liner. Then I brushed on a couple coats of the RR paint. It looks ok, but it has brush marks, no big...
  9. joediveguy

    WMO/WVO Filter rig pictures.

    Hey all, post up your pictures of your set up’s. I would really like to see the rigs you all are using!
  10. joediveguy

    Rear window Plexiglas??

    Has anyone done it? I have it in my race car and wonder if it is a good option for the rear window. It is sure a lot lighter than that big chunk of glass!
  11. joediveguy

    NEW ATF in a 6.2??

    Ok, so I have seen the different posts and I need to ask, just to be sure. Can you use ATF in the 6.2 CUCV motor? I have seen two different camps, one for and one against. For being it is ok to use and against being it had additives that enhance friction which is bad for the IP. I have a case...
  12. joediveguy

    M1009 recovery at Meade……..

    Made the trip up to Ft. Meade last week to pick up my newly acquired M1009 from GL. First off a big shout out to maddawg308, good to have the company for the drive there and back. Thanks man! The recovery was uneventful, batteries were dead, which turned out to be a good thing, so we winched...
  13. joediveguy

    24 Volt battery????????

    Okay, calling all Engineers…………. Here is the scenario, I have a buddy that is a pilot and has access to an infinite supply of 24 Volt small airplane batteries. Here is the question…..Seeing how about the only thing on the CUCV that uses the 24V power is the starter, would it be possible to...
  14. joediveguy

    Speed Bleeder size??

    Good morning all. Does anyone know the bleeder screw size for the rear drum wheel cylinder & the front disc calipers? I want to replace the original ones with Russell Speed Bleeders. Or if anyone knows the correct part number that would be even better. This is for the 1984 M1009. Thanks!
  15. joediveguy

    Mystery wire………

    See the pic below, what is this connector for? Yellow wire and Purple with a white stripe. It was disconnected under the dash and looks like it should connect to the brown wire near the top of the fuse block by the 10A fuse. What do ya’ll think, should I just connect it and see what happens?
  16. joediveguy

    Bubba’s Dump………..

    The names in this story have been altered to protect the identity of the stupid…….. So, a couple of weeks ago, a buddy turned me onto a 1984 M1009 sitting on the back lot of a local “Battery & Tire” place, further referred to as “Bubba’s Dump” or BD. My buddy knew one of the former mechanics...
  17. joediveguy

    New guy in Northern Va

    Good morning gents. My name is Joe and I am a transplanted “Texan” living and working in the Front Royal area of Va. I have been a “car guy” and “shade tree mechanic” all my life, however, I am new to the MV hobby. I have wanted a CUCV for some time now for an inexpensive, reliable hunting...
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