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  1. Mitymac

    6x6 Willys Jeep

    I was at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion last weekend in Rollag, MN, supposedly the nation's largest of steam power demonsrations. I met this fellow with his cool 6x6 Willys Jeep. It is titled as a 47. He built most of it and did a nice job. Thought maybe you guys would like to see...
  2. Mitymac

    Can I have a hoist and winch?

    I would like to put a grain box on a couple deuce's. Can I splice a hoist pump in the winch drive shaft to run the hoist and winch? Or if I can't where would a person get drive and pump to mount on trans for hoist. Thanks in advance!!
  3. Mitymac

    Have not found an 1993 A3 transmission yet!

    There were almost 13,000 views on extreme deuce. One of you must know where to find a good AT1545P transmission for my 1993 Am General M35A3. (Yea!! I know I should have bought the A2):deadhorse: Thanks Mitymac
  4. Mitymac

    AM General a Jeep Corp or Kaiser Jeep

    What are the main differences in these 3 makes of A2's. Any? Also what about a 1965 AM verses a 70s AM , any changes? Thanks
  5. Mitymac

    1993 AM General won't move!

    This M35A3 auto trans 6x6 won't move an inch on its own power. I am new to this rig! hope it is simple!! Trans oil was low, have moved transfer case lever all positions. Brake off forward, reverse, Won't budge!! Free wheels though. Thanks Mitymac
  6. Mitymac

    MEP-005A 3o KW

    I have a 1985 JR Hollingsworth Gen set. MEP-005A 30 KW I need the Injection pump, injectors, alternator and air cleaner box for it. Injection pump nos. should be Model no. DBMFC-633-1LK Serial no. 5926814 Any help out there? Thanks Mightymac
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