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  1. Daves86

    Rhino Tire carrier

    Looking for Rhino Tire Carrier, complete and in good condition.
  2. Daves86

    Need One 12 Bolt Gen 2 rim

    Looking for 01-443-3405 Does anyone have one in stock? Will also need a Goodyear Wrangler MT (NOS preferred) 37x12.5x16.5 Thanks V/r Dave
  3. Daves86

    "NEW" Tires arrived today

    Got my "NEW" tires delivered today. Not sure how comfortable I am putting an 11 year old tire on my truck. The other two are date code 1310 and 3111. Truth is I did not ask about date codes before I ordered, add said "NEW". These are still newer and in better condition than my current...
  4. Daves86

    What's stuck in my Brake Rotor

    Was looking at my rear brakes and saw this Do the rotors have a counter weight, and are they supposed to move? Thanks.
  5. Daves86

    Help with a vacuum line question

    When I refurbished the dash I decided to replace the vacuum line between the Filter gauge and the filter housing. Seemed easy enough, but the the hole under the dash does not directly line up with the holes found under the cowl/hood. I could not find anything in the TM and the parts books...
  6. Daves86

    Where do you draw the line $$$

    Have a Ramsey Winch that is not working. Can hear the solenoids click but no movement on the cable. Also cannot freewheel the cable. Found a leak on a cover for the worm gear. Needless to say this one is having issues. So back to the real questions. At what dollar point do you replace...
  7. Daves86

    Vehicle Commander Notice sticker

    Replaced the windshield a few months back and Momma keeps asking where the UCMJ warnings went. Anyone know where to source 2 of these? The inner webs are failing me. Thanks
  8. Daves86

    Stock, Stock Looking or Modified

    Just spent an hour or so looking at posts. Love the site and I could easily spend hours more reading what folks are doing to their M/Vs. But I am wondering what the thoughts are regarding Stock, Stock Looking or full up Modified? So where do folks sit on the issue and there reasons why...
  9. Daves86

    Another Newbie from VA

    Hello All...Been using the site for awhile and figured I would get access to see your pics as well. I bought my '86 Basic from KY earlier this year. I have made some upgrades and done some needed maintenance. I can tell already this is going to be a labor of love...OK it's gonna be labor...
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