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  1. markmontana

    Ogden, UT- Veterans Parade Nov 9, 2013

    Have Truck/Will Travel If you would like to add your truck to our Veterans Parade Convoy on Nov 9th, send me a PM. I have application and details. No cost. Pre Registration required. Downtown Ogden route. It takes up most of the morning. This year we are representing Vietnam Veterans of...
  2. markmontana

    Top Ten Reasons I Need an M1070 (HET)

    1 thru 10: They are cool and carry 6. Can't think of any other reasons. DESCRIPTION AND SPECIFICATIONS The Heavy Equipment Transport System (HETS) consists of the M1070 Truck Tractor and the M1000 Heavy Equipment Transporter Semi-trailer. The HETS transports payloads up to 70 tons –...
  3. markmontana

    Moving Iron the Military Way

    The best way to move military trucks from point A to B is to prep and drive them. Choose a truck that can go the distance, then put her to work and make the trip. Sometimes you need to move something that isn't running, that's were a big rig and trailer come in. My choice is the 915 series and...
  4. markmontana

    Scrapping a perfect M931A2- or pulling an 8.3

    Pulling an 8.3 Cummins out of a good M931A2 My good friend introduced me to his 80+ dad, who happened to mention his combine was broken- the 8.3 Cummins was bum. Motor has been out of the combine 4 times for repair and not worth repairing. I opened my big mouth and said "I know where you can...
  5. markmontana

    Before and After, Paint, M925A1

    Sold this really nice truck to my friend. He's just finished the paint. Started as a multi color mix -n- match to nice 3 color camo.
  6. markmontana

    Working the 915A1 & 923

    Putting the trucks to work- hauling trucks and cargo. They do this well. 915 recovering a 931A2 for a very famous and revered SS member- from Nellis AFB. 923 at the loading dock- picking up classified materials for the shop.
  7. markmontana

    Ogden, UT- Veterans Parade Nov 10, 2012

    Have Truck/Will Travel If you would like to add your truck to our Parade Convoy on Nov 10, 2012, send me a PM. I have application and details. No cost. Pre Registration required. Here's the flyer. Honoring Vets that served 1975 to 2001. Trucks of that era especially invited. So far we have...
  8. markmontana

    M915 wheel - small stud holes

    I have a well worn rear outer tire, and a brand new spare- so I think - easy to change them out. And they sure are easy to get off- the problem came about when I tried to mount the spare- the holes are too small. Here is a pic- I think you can see the smaller holes. They just fit over the budd...
  9. markmontana

    Civy trailer hitch for 915/916/920

    Thought this was a great way to pull your canoe behind a 915/916/920. Would be nice to have an open budget for ideas... (These pictures were taken by Don Busack, Prime Portal)
  10. markmontana

    M927 AN/MSQ-104 Engagement Control Station

    For your viewing pleasure. General information: The AN/MSQ-104 Engagement Control Station is the command and control unit of the entire Patriot system. The ECS consists of a shelter mounted on the chassis of an M927 5-Ton Cargo Truck or on the chassis of a Light Medium Tactical Vehicle (LMTV)...
  11. markmontana

    M936A0 Recovery

    620 mile recovery, no problems, other than running out of gas between the base and the truck stop. One picture sums up a 936 recovery:
  12. markmontana

    Anyone put a travel trailer on a Deuce or 5 ton?

    My idea is to remove the cargo bed and mount a travel trailer directly to the frame rails. Has anyone done this or pursued the idea? Picture #1 is similar to my idea. Of course I would not go so far behind the rear axle. Maybe a 14' trailer. But this idea is really making my leg twitch… Pic...
  13. markmontana

    900 series firefighter training crash w/video

    Even the pros have their bad days. Our local paper shot this video: Crash Video - Standard-Examiner (Note, there is a 15 second commercial, then the video starts. It is a safe site- safer than most the other places you guys look at:) Here is the story link...
  14. markmontana

    R.I.P--SHOOTINIRON--James Ruman

    Good guy and member of SS was involved in a fatal accident. His A3 is damaged beyond belief. Not many details. James was a good guy and just moved to a great area of Utah with lots of plans. And he really loved his trucks. I'll miss him. Here's a link to the A3 recovery...
  15. markmontana

    M105 recovery- it's new!

    Picked up an M105 today at Nellis AFB (Vegas). It looked good in the pics, but even better in person. It is new, unused- nothing ever in the bed! No tarp or bows, but don't need them. Looking at the data plate- it shows delivery date of 8/65. Right. New T-Hawk tires, too! Thanks GL. EUC took 7...
  16. markmontana

    Deuce Cold Weather Upgrades

    My latest solution to cold weather gear for the deuce: a radiator cover. Required materials- one piece of scrap cardboard out of the neighbors trash and a couple zip ties. A few minutes on the calculator and I came up with the correct free flow area to leave open in the center. I can report...
  17. markmontana

    Average EUC Time- One Mans Results

    Seems like this is a never ending issue, and I don't think we'll see a solution in my lifetime- so I thought I'd go back thru my last 10 EUC's and average out the time. I only counted business days, and I did not count any any sales during my first EUC wait (which was about 70+ business days)...
  18. markmontana

    Ft Leonard Wood, MO - anyone nearby? Recovery soon

    Anyone live close to Ft Leonard Wood? I'm recovering a truck in the next two weeks and could use a hand. I'll be running solo, so an extra body would be a big help. Even if you're a new guy and wondering about the recovery process, I would be appreciative for any help. The plan is to fly into...
  19. markmontana

    Ellsworth Recovery- with Drama

    Finally picked up the very first GL deuce I bought back in Dec 2009. Stored it at a friends place not far from Ellsworth. I wasn’t too careful about the overall condition of the truck, and didn’t preview, so it was a roll of the dice. While the truck is a little rough around the edges, it does...
  20. markmontana

    Two Truck Recovery 1400 Mi

    Success! Just wrapped up our trip from Ft McCoy (Wisconsin) to Ft Impact Guns (Utah). Thanks to Mike at McCoy, he is among the best and I appreciate him. Bought two trucks from GL, M35A3 back in April, the M1009 this month. Drove the M35A3 to Custer, SD and stored it. The wife and I then flew...
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