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  1. FFRCobra

    M920 transport needed from MD to NC

    From Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, 21005 To Selma, NC 27576 Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  2. FFRCobra

    Air horn woes

    So my horn stopped working that last time I tried it, just the sound of air bleeding when I hit the button but not enough to get the horns to actually trumpet. Solenoid was thumping back and forth each time I hit the button though. Figured it had to be dirt in the trumpets or the air side of...
  3. FFRCobra

    NC Safety inspection (Wake County)

    My M923A2 is due for it's first inspection. I THINK I have to have it inspected in the county it's registered in as that's the norm for my other vehicles. Anyone in Wake County have a suggestion on an MV friendly location and tips for typical inspection failure items to look out for? (Besides...
  4. FFRCobra

    Ever seen auxillary engine and transmission filters like this?

    Oil filter is tapped off the rear side of the block on driver side and drains into the pan. The tranny filter obviously taps in before and after the cooler (which I suppose actually lessens the effect of the cooler). Also, in the first picture, what is that thing that looks like a pop-off...
  5. FFRCobra

    New to me M923A2 - A couple of questions

    "Long time listener, first time caller..." And first MV to boot. I've tried to search on this but it seems advance search (where I can narrow down to this sub forum) finds every post with any keyword in the search text as opposed to weighting on the most keywords that match (any ideas on that...
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