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  1. timntrucks

    LA m105 metal top trailer

    nice metal top trailer for sale asking 1100 obo tires are in great shape . would make a great camper or shed set up
  2. timntrucks


    I picked up another jeep last week. not sure of the year or what kind.. its in kinda bad shape. any info would be great
  3. timntrucks

    baton rouge la parade

    We will be looking for army trucks again to ride in the baton rouge parade. meeting downtown at the USS Kidd. it starts at 200. We wound need to be in place around 12.00 or so. Dont have to be all original just come as you are type of thing. had a blast last year this year should be bigger and...
  4. timntrucks


    just found out that one of our members and dear friend has passed on. little bob from louisiana has passed today. dont know any details but will send them as i find out.
  5. timntrucks

    Ft Pierce FL to Tampa FL

    i have some kitchen ovens with pots that are in tampa florida. Bryce can bring them to Miss. if I can get them to his place. anyone that goes across FL and can help out. shout back if you can and ill send phone numbers . thanks in advance
  6. timntrucks

    baton rouge veterans day parade

    Looking for some trucks to set up a display in front of the USS KIDD october 29th. Its on a sunday. hoping that a few of our SS members can come and show our support for this parade. we will have front row seats to all the action. Shout back if you can make it
  7. timntrucks

    SS gathering in louisiana LZ

    Using my LZ as a staging area this weekend (sat) for members coming from Tenn. AL and Ga on there way to Texas with supplies. ill be cooking on my mkt and trying to get some donations as well to bring west. any local member can come im asking for help in setting up the mkt and do the cooking...
  8. timntrucks

    2017 louisiana rally swap page

    Lets start posting stuff to swap/sell/buy. anything that you dont want there is someone that does. if anyone needs to leave something at my place your more than welcome or we can do heavy lifting with 816 or tractor before or after the rally
  9. timntrucks

    brought home a small mv

    Its like bringing home a puppy.. Except these dont grow up. i had a change and i jumped on this in the process of being restored m38. 1951 model with a bunch of extra radios and parts. wife and i made a short trip and did a recovery before it was sold to the next guy waiting in line. lol. Soon...
  10. timntrucks

    2017 LA rally

    Been asking around about having this years rally south of new orleans same time and place as the Blue Angles do a weekend show. Last weekend of april. have some buddies checking on getting us in and doing a display if possible. or find a close place to camp and see them flying around. So lets...
  11. timntrucks

    Baton Rouge, LA Veterans Parade 10/20/2016

    We are trying to have a veterans parade in Baton Rouge Louisiana, It would be the first for 40 years. hoping to get some army trucks lined up for this event. Oct 30th at 200pm. If any of the area guys want to come join in shout back and we will make plans to meet up. I'll keep this thread...
  12. timntrucks

    Deuce Coolant Hemorrhage (LEAK)

    Drove deuce to a flag raising Saturday morning and once I got it parked out comes the water. So looks like lower radiator hose has a hole in it., I got it home before all the water ran out. I think I'll change out all the hoses on it. Any members suggestions on source.. I see some replacement...
  13. timntrucks

    2016 la rally swap, buy, sell, wanted tread

    lets start up the swap tread. post up what you are looking for and what you have for sale
  14. timntrucks

    2016 la rally

    just wanting some input on having another rally. any one interested and some input on a date. we had a blast last few years and i have been looking for a better place to host this years rally but nothing has come up yet. so shout back with any ideas that we could hash over. thanks in advance...
  15. timntrucks

    harmony 4 heros event

    we brought 925a2 to a local event to honor those soldiers that fell in the helicopter crash in florida. some were from our local reserve unit here in louiaiana.
  16. timntrucks

    923a2 alternator problems

    helping out a local member with alternator problems. his belt jumped off and after close inspection finds that his pulley on his alternator has 2 key ways cut into it that dont really line up with the shaft. he said it had front and back cuts but didnt go all the way thru.. i got this truck from...
  17. timntrucks

    tie down rope fasteners

    im needing to replace some ropes on a 105 and 101. im looking for the small fasteners that the army used on those ropes. been looking on the usually sites but no luck. shout back and tell me what you used
  18. timntrucks

    july 4th celebration

    we are having another july 4th in hammond louisiana this year. looking for some display trucks to show support for our veterans. all the proceeds this year will go to our local veterans organizations hope to see some mvs that saturday
  19. timntrucks

    starter solenoid

    816 wouldnt start and has been getting harder last few months. so after charging up all the batteries and still no turning over i looked at the starter. i can see some naked bad spot under the terminals. burnt and nasty. so do i just change out that solenoid or whole starter. were is a good...
  20. timntrucks

    wheel studs

    im looking for a source or a place to buy some wheel studs for a 101a2 axle. im needed 5 or 6. thanks in advance
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