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  1. 2INSANE

    Cucv fan clutch engagement?

    I think I read that the Cucv fan does not engage until it is at 130 degrees? Is that correct? Could I be miss informed? If this is true, would there be a fan clutch that would engage at a lower temp?
  2. 2INSANE

    MT Cucv Turbo Set

    If you are looking to give your 6.2 more power, I have what you need! $300+ Shipping gets you Used 6.5 Gm3 turbo Used 6.5 Passenger Side Turbo Exhaust Manifold Used 6.5 Turbo heat shield Used 6.5 Exhaust Manifold heat shields Used 6.5 Turbo Oil Drain pipe Used 6.5 Oil Drain Plate Used...
  3. 2INSANE

    MT Cucv Serpentine Belt Upgrade

    If you are looking to upgrade your 6.2L Diesels coolant and belt system and run dual alternators, this is the kit for you! Used 6.5 Passenger Side tensioner and brace $75 Used 6.5 Driver Side Brace $75 Used 6.5 Vacuum Pump with brackets $50 Used 6.5 Power Steering Pump with Pulley $30 Used...
  4. 2INSANE

    MT Cucv 7 1/4” Front Shackles

    These are an extra set of Shackles I bought and do not need. They will give your ride about 2 1/2” of lift in the front. Eye to eye 7 1/4” and total of 9” long. Comes with grease-able bolts, nuts, bushings and washers. Will repaint the shackles apon purchase. $20+Shipping
  5. 2INSANE

    MT Cucv Blackout/Morse Code Lights

    This set of lights was installed on my 84 M1009 original bumper. I believe they were used for Morse Code. They were in working condition when pulled. $10+Shipping
  6. 2INSANE

    MT Cucv Wiring Harness

    This harness came from the inside of my 84 m1009 under dash. Complete. I am not sure what it’s purpose was. $10+Shipping
  7. 2INSANE

    MT Cucv Bezel

    I pulled this bezel off my 1984 M1009 many many years ago and held on to it. I have a DIY4x dash and do not need it. No cracks! The black light sticker needs to be replaced $75+shipping Send pm if interested. PayPal ok with 4%fee
  8. 2INSANE

    Stanadyne list

    Stanadyne list GM 6.2L & 6.5L APPLICATIONS AND SUPERSESSION INFORMATION DATE: April 27, 2001 SUPERSEDES: P.B. 119R5 dated 5/21/97 PARTS BULLETIN NO: 119R6 GM Injection Pump Application and Supersession Guide 6.2 Liter Applications Model GM P/N Year Application Engine System Superseded...
  9. 2INSANE

    Injection Pump Years?

    I have 5 injection pumps and was wondering if anyone has a list of all the DB2 injection pump years with numbers? Thanks!
  10. 2INSANE

    Operation Save A Blaze

    Someone randomly dropped off a 1988 Chevy K5 Blazer with a built 700R4 and built 350 TBI with headers at my local junkyard. It also has almost new 33” tires with Rally Rims. As soon as I saw it, I was on it like Donkey Kong! I offered scrap yard $500. Scrap yard said no. I said ok does it run...
  11. 2INSANE

    Can I delete this sensor?

    I believe this glow plug sensor is not needed since I have converted to a manual override switch? Just need confirmation? Thanks
  12. 2INSANE

    Serpentine Dual Alternator Help plz

    I have searched and searched and can not find anywhere where someone has done the dual alternator set up with serpentine belt without A/C and without vacuum pump. Questions! Can I take the pulleys off of 6.5 alternators and put them on the military dual 6.2 alternators without a tensioner...
  13. 2INSANE

    24v starter work on 6.5?

    I was thinking about putting a 1996 6.5 diesel in my M1009 and was thinking about the starter. I know the 6.5 has a 12v starter and the M1009 has a 24v starter. The reason why I want to stay with the 24v starting system is because I have a Warn custom made $2800 24v 12k winch. Will the 24v...
  14. 2INSANE

    Cucv 6.2 Sensor identification help

    I forgot the name of these 3 sensors on the 6.2. Some help please? Driver front inline with glow plugs? Passenger rear inline with glow plugs? Driver top rear next to oil pressure sensor?
  15. 2INSANE

    Torque Wrench Compression Test?

    Has anyone ever used a Torque wrench to test compression on the 6.2 and 6.5? I know if it’s low compression you could easily turn the crank using a socket wrench. But how about a torque wrench? What would be the foot pounds of torque on a good compression motor?
  16. 2INSANE

    M1009 6.2 diesel removal guide

    Good day! In this guide I will show you step by step instructions on how to remove a 6.2L diesel from a Cucv M1009! With no stone left unturned. My way ;-) I have removed many 6.2L diesels in the past and hope my way will make your way easier for when you are ready to tackle this fun and easy...
  17. 2INSANE

    Cast iron rockers discussion

    So why did gm decide to not make them anymore? What are the common failures? How can they be improved or modified to work better? Anyone have experience with them? What years did gm have them in the 6.2? Etc...
  18. 2INSANE

    M1009 6.2L Banks Turbo Upgrade

    Many thanks to Steelsoldiers members Richingalveston and Camkillers for making this rare opportunity of selling me an almost full 6.2L banks turbo kit! I decided to run with a banks kit because I feel much safer with the lower boost and reliability of the kit. Also there is much less...
  19. 2INSANE

    M1009 6.5 TD swap?

    I was thinking... With my 1995 6.5 TD donor with 208,000 miles that still runs top... Should I drop that 6.5 in my M1009 instead of doing a 6.2/6.5 hybrid? Would I need to put a 6.2 oil pan on the 6.5? Will the exhaust manifolds clear the frame with Off Road Design Motor mounts? What would...
  20. 2INSANE

    6.2/6.5 Turbo Build

    Will a 1996 6.5 turbo set work on my 84 6.2 j code? Links? what is needed? swap heads or precups? all info will help. I have a full donor.
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