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  1. bratpackdad

    M923....Should I do it?

    Hey guys, I've been away for a bit due to an injury. I'm glad to be back! I posted an ad for another M35A2 however, I ran across a very clean M923 for sale and I would like to get some feedback. If you own one, can you give me your impression of the truck. Should I go for it or stick with...
  2. bratpackdad

    Fresh from Egypt

    My buddy in Egypt just sent these to me. This is the street he lives on.
  3. bratpackdad

    Au-f1 gct **fail** that's funny...the best thing the UN has ever done.
  4. bratpackdad

    2nd Grade SS member??

    This post most likely violates some rule here on SS but it's funny..:wink: "Thanks to eBay, a seven-year-old London boy managed to purchase a real-life Harrier fighter jet. It was easy: All he had to do was click on a bright "buy it now" button on the auction site, send a payment of about...
  5. bratpackdad

    Winter driving means slow down

    Just a reminder to slow down during winter weather in your sector.8-) The driver survived.
  6. bratpackdad

    M35a2 snow drifting

    Who owns this truck? We need some pics. M35A2 Snow Drifting! - Car Videos on StreetFire
  7. bratpackdad

    Trailer Safety

    I am still laughing.......rofl - Ridiculous trailer
  8. bratpackdad

    Roll Over?

    Man this looks unsafe...:cookoo:
  9. bratpackdad

    Best Diesel Generator

    I ask my friends here to offer their advice on the best home/shop diesel generator I should buy. I don't need anything massive just for the house/shop and in the back of the deuce for small jobs. I'm thinking around 6500 watts. I'm no diesel expert which is why I ask for help from my buds...
  10. bratpackdad

    You have a responsibility

    When a certain F-5 Tiger fighter jet outlived its military use years ago, it was sold for surplus, and the plane became the toy of a rich Californian. He leased it as a big prop for Hollywood movies. This year, the fighter jet became the star of a real-life sting -- against an American accused...
  11. bratpackdad

    Icy Roads

    Let's be careful out there. Try not to exit the vehicle before it stops moving.
  12. bratpackdad

    Headache Rack

    KATAHDIN posted these pics (thank you) of this deuce with a canvas headache rack. What's the scoop on it? Anyone have one on their truck? PICS? NSN number? Thanks in advance buds.
  13. bratpackdad

    Opel Blitz

    Opel Blitz
  14. bratpackdad

    Mine Crusher

    WWII German NK 101 Minenraumer it was a joint project between Krupp, Daimler-Benz and Alkett and weighed in at 38 tons.
  15. bratpackdad

    Where did you go?

    Summer is over, so where did you drive your MV this summer?
  16. bratpackdad

    CHOCK those tires!!

    Chock your tires, it only takes a second.
  17. bratpackdad

    For you M109 people

    All it needs is a sky light.
  18. bratpackdad

    Mad at the Deuce

    Some little people in Thailand got real mad at this deuce. Careful where you park over there.:-x
  19. bratpackdad

    Idaho motorpool

    Does anyone know what happened to Idaho Motor Pool?
  20. bratpackdad

    Killing the Sprague

    I have a sprague in my1973 M35A2. I do not drive off road and don't need the front wheel drive. Has anyone removed the Sprague unit? Is there a way to "free wheel" the front axle without damaging the truck? Thanks in advance.
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